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Shizhan curved stage truss helps Nigeria J. Cole concert

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Nigeria J. Cole concert

  Speaking of the African continent and culture, do you think of the graceful hula dance of the African people and their sonorous tambourines hanging around their necks or waists? Yes, the African people have been a passionate nation since ancient times. It is said that dance appeared in Africa as early as 6000 years ago, and dance has become the most important form of artistic expression of the African nation. Regardless of men, women and children, as long as there is music, they will twist their bodies and jump up uncontrollably. The broad mass base and The African people’s strong pursuit of spiritual and cultural life beyond material civilization has made the event and performance industry quietly and rapidly developed in this vast land of Africa. However, due to the imperfect industrial foundation, many African customers’ activities and performance equipment Need to import from abroad, which also provides a good opportunity for us to open the African market.

  2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year. With the global outbreak and spread of new crown pneumonia, it has brought huge challenges to our events and performance industry. Customers cannot hold events due to the epidemic, and demand for performance equipment products. This year, many customers’ orders have been delayed due to the epidemic. Africa has benefited from its unique geographical location on the 7 continents. The impact of the epidemic is much better than that of other continents. It is also based on this background that customers decided this year after 7 months of long waiting. Purchasing our stage and truss projects for local performances, thank customers for their strong support to our company in extraordinary times.

curved stage truss

  There are two reasons why this outdoor stage frame is designed as an arc structure:

  1) Considering that the customer’s local rainy season rainwater is relatively large and continuous, the arc structure is conducive to the rapid drainage of rainwater, so as not to cause excessive load to the overall structure to maintain the safety and stability of the structure

  2) The curved roof design is more popular in the customer's local area, and the customer also requires this design

  The main structure of the truss is designed according to customer requirements. The span of the main beam is 12.2 meters, and the wingspan is added on both sides of the front door to facilitate customers to hang audio or LED screens.

  Each large section of the top arc is subdivided into 5 small sections. The sections are connected at will, and the arc tops are connected by single-row frames and fasteners. The overall structure is stable and reasonable, and it is also convenient for the construction of tarpaulins.

curved stage truss for sale

  The bottom stage is tailor-made according to the characteristics of the African figure. The height is adjustable from 1.5-2.0M. It is equipped with safety guardrails and hanging ladders with safety handrails. This is not only conducive to distant audiences can clearly see the stage The performance on stage also guarantees the safety of the actors on stage to the greatest extent.

curved stage truss display

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