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Should the stage equipment required for live performances be purchased or leased?

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Live performances are part of the wider live events market, and what is usually done is a temporary installation of sound stage equipment hardware to tour in different locations. Therefore, rental and support services are a common factor in venue audio supplier solutions. SHIZHAN Group will tell you about the equipment required for live performances. Stage truss purchase and stage truss rental, which is better?

Given that the show is all about experience, one might think that the show makers would spend more money on various parts of the show, one of which is the various sound equipment. Sound, lighting, video, stage, environmental effects, audience reaction, and even AR/VR can all play a role. So, the purpose of the study is to look at performance as a commercial activity and what it means for service providers. Here are some of our thoughts:

First, the live shows are going well, and the experience economy seems to be playing a big role. Ticket sales figures from companies like Builder suggest that concerts and live performances in the U.S. generate more than $10 billion a year in revenue. And, as consumers are increasingly willing to pay more for a show, the average ticket price keeps rising.

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However, this forecast shows that the Americas, a live event in the field of sound equipment solutions, will fall from $10.2 billion in 2018 to $8.6 billion in 2023. This is a fundamental change when it comes to investment in entertainment facilities, and more funding is expected to be devoted to permanent, integrated solutions rather than temporary solutions for live event producers. This view is further supported by the producers' own data.

According to a survey by the producer group, many of the resources required for technical management and use are in-house. Also, their level of investment in owning hardware (as opposed to leasing hardware) is on the rise. Funding concerns even extend to the middle and late stages of show production, which is often outsourced for installation and operations. But, unlike traditional productions, the good news for solution providers is that they are more involved in upfront TV demand. This is a dream for many integrators because of its obvious impact on project scope and budget.

Logically, content ultimately makes sense. Given a good experience, the production company is clearly using its own funds to add certainty to the outcome. Seeing owning equipment and employees as a way to control for the unknown can better ensure performance. The downside is that the constantly changing nature of the technology and the complexity of effective utilization make it difficult for manufacturing companies to keep hardware and support skills up to date. Service providers do exactly that.

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Ultimately, it is these advantages, combined with flexibility and a spirit of excellence, that will enable suppliers to play their part in the face of increased insourcing. Also, the growing ownership of equipment and employees doesn't mean that producers aren't looking for solutions, it's just that the nature of those solutions is changing. Audio support vendors have begun to adapt to this environment.

Based on interviews with the vendor community, many serving the performance space use different languages to describe themselves. Rather than claiming to be strictly live event companies, the companies hinted that they were more of a rental model and listed themselves as sound equipment integrators. Although the information contained in the label is subtle, it also shows the focus of the company and also communicates information to the market about the skills they offer. For performance makers looking for a more permanent solution, using an integrator's label can provide different, and perhaps welcome, information.

Stage truss purchase and stage truss rental, which is better? We trust you have already got your problem of you own.

Anyway, as we often say, to win business, you have to offer a variety of products. That way, no matter what approach you take to develop a healthy performance market, you'll have a great outlook and a lot of success.

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