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Sport bleacher installation precautions

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  At first, when planning the construction of the stadium, there were clear requirements for the capacity of the stadium’s auditorium. When the overall plan was reviewed, all the details of the stadium needed to be included. For the sport bleacher, a few days as the Shizhan Manufacturers also provide custom services for sport bleacher.

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  All indicators of sport bleacher must first meet safety standards

  Sports stands in large stadiums are usually like terraces. The height and width of each level of steps and the inclination angle of the audience seats on each level need to be designed according to standards. Sometimes in order to achieve the purpose of protecting the audience, it is necessary to build a protective fence between the auditoriums.

sport bleacher

  Mobile sports stands:

  Simple structure, low price, made of aluminum alloy material, light body, corrosion resistance, high strength, rigidity, non-toxic, high temperature resistance, strong fire resistance, long service life, not afraid of moisture; smooth surface, easy to clean; unique The invisible flow hole design, fine craftsmanship; pollution-free production process. Comply with cash and green environmental protection requirements; modular design makes installation and maintenance simple; sports stand seats have two choices of low back and flat panels to meet the needs of various occasions.

  Advantages of sports stands:

  1. Easy to move: All parts can be combined, stepped structure, and components are fixed by rubber sleeve pulleys.

  2. Reduced floor space: when the stand is not in use; due to its light weight, it is easy to rotate the step components from the horizontal position to the vertical position.

  3. Modularization: The seats of the sports stand system can be combined, disassembled and assembled at will to meet the needs of various venues. Other functional components can also be added.

  4. Quick assembly sport bleacher: The quick assembly stand is a new type of temporary stand system, which can be combined at will. The frame unit adopts aluminum ringlock scaffolding structure.

sport bleacher

  Shizhan Group has developed a variety of trusses, stages, crowd control obstacles and aluminum bleach to meet a variety of needs, from simple booths to composite structures that require high load-bearing capacity. All projects are designed based on the experience and feedback of global users, with originality and design. The truss and stage are produced according to European EN1090. All products have TUV and CE certificates. If you have any needs, please come and buy.

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