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Stage lighting truss height

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Based on years of experience in stage truss engineering, Shizhan Group recommends to friends, how high should the truss stage be?


Generally speaking, the height of the indoor stage truss is determined by the ceiling height and area. The normal indoor height is not 4 meters high. If the height of the stage truss is too short, the effect of stage lighting and sound equipment cannot be reflected. Except for special places, such as exhibition halls, large hotels, museums and other special buildings. The area also plays a crucial role in determining the height of the indoor stage truss. Generally speaking, the stage area and height must maintain a certain ratio. Generally, the stage truss is built to 4-8 meters high. Do not increase the height too much if you want. Lighter truss is raised too high, and the center of gravity of the entire system is too high to cause accidents. In this case, you can add some tie rods to stabilize the stage truss indoors or consult us and related truss manufacturers.


The general performance stage of 4-6 meters high, the number of people at the event site is hundreds of people, the truss area does not need to be too large, and the lighting requirements on the spot are not very high, so usually this type of stage lighting truss project is used for small events, such as Mall activities, promotions, company annual meetings, etc. This type of truss engineering column generally uses a 1 meter inverted head, plus 2 meters and 1 meter truss. With this height of truss, manpower can complete all the erections. This height is generally used for small and medium-sized truss projects.
6-8 meters high light truss is usually used for large and medium-sized activities. The number of spectators is large and requires on-site lighting effects, usually in some celebrations, concerts, music festivals, outdoor scaffolding, etc. The construction of this type of truss is difficult with full manpower and requires certain tools, such as cranes and lifting frames.
The truss project of more than 8 meters, this kind of project is more used for tents, stand trellis, super-large performances, music festivals and other activities. The height and area of the truss determine the center of gravity, which determines the safety of the truss. So usually the height of the truss is proportional to the area.

Portable Stage

Portable Stage

Pay attention! ! ! The height of the stage truss cannot be increased arbitrarily, it may cause an accident, and the height must be increased with sufficient preparation. The truss stage of the World Exhibition Group is sold, and the quality is guaranteed. If you do n’t believe it, you can see our certification.Shizhan Group has been devoted to the quality of the stage truss. The product quality is the life of the Shizhan Group.

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