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Stage lighting truss material

Date: 13.04.2020 Viewed: times

Now what material is good for stage lighting truss? This is a question that many stage lighting suppliers are puzzled about. Traditional stage light stands are mostly made of iron galvanized, and now aluminum light truss also appears, but which material is better?

In fact, at present, the materials of stage lighting racks are more inclined to aluminum alloy materials. Because the traditional stage lighting truss uses galvanized steel, the material is too heavy and the bearing capacity is also limited, which can only meet the needs of the time. The aluminum alloy stage light frame material itself is light and has a strong load-bearing capacity and better stability.

Shizhan Group's stage lighting truss is made of aluminum alloy material, which has more advantages than traditional stage lighting truss. If you are not interested, please click here:https://www.tytruss.com/Truss/

Square Spigot Truss

Square Spigot Truss

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