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Stage truss size is unclear?

Date: 09.04.2020 Viewed: times

When we build the stage, the stage truss is a necessity. At the same time, we also need to know the load-bearing capacity of the stage truss, so when we choose the stage truss, it is very important to choose the corresponding size, because the size of the stage truss and the stage load are closely related, but how do we determine the stage truss What about the size?

To determine the size of the stage truss, we have to customize the size according to the needs of the stage. We can determine the size and load-bearing requirements of the stage and request guidance from the stage truss manufacturer. Shizhan Group has been committed to the manufacture of stage truss for many years, and can provide truss customization, including stage design and truss size.

Therefore, the size of the stage truss should be determined according to the size of the stage in the design. Only in this way can it ensure the stability of the stage after it is built. It is better to choose a reliable stage truss company, World Exhibition Group is your best choice!Recommend the triangle truss of the SHIZHAN Group to you. They all say that the triangle is the most stable shape, making the stage more stable and safe.

Triangular Plate Truss

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