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Standard scaffold size

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  Looking at the tall buildings, I wonder how the skyscrapers are built? Scaffolding is indispensable in the construction process.

  Scaffolding is a working platform built to ensure the smooth progress of the construction process. The size of the scaffold is different, but there are generally two types of steel pipes used for building scaffolds, one with an outer diameter of 48mm and a wall thickness of 3.5mm; Φ48.3 × 3.6 steel pipes should be used for scaffold steel pipes. The maximum mass of each steel tube should not be greater than 25.8kg.

  The most common way to divide is to divide according to the diameter of the steel pipe, there are generally the following four specifications: 3cm, 2.75cm, 3.25cm, 2cm. There are also many different specifications for length. The general length requirements are between 1-6.5m, and other lengths can be produced and processed according to actual customer needs. In addition to diameter and length, thickness also has corresponding specifications, generally speaking, it is within the range of 2.4-2.7mm thickness.

Aluminum Scaffolding Tower

  Aluminum Scaffolding Tower

  Shizhan Group mainly provides aluminum scaffolding and aluminum tower. It is a scaffolding manufacturer with many years of rich production experience. I believe our manufacturing is worthy of your trust.

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