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Stress analysis of truss

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Truss, a plane or space structure frame composed of straight rods and generally with triangular units, is generally a square column type, which is mostly used for outdoor temporary exhibition booths and background frame construction.

Irregular Truss

Irregular Truss

1. Structural analysis: a planar or spatial structure composed of straight rods generally with triangular elements. Under load, the truss members mainly bear axial tension or pressure, so that they can make full use of the strength of the material. When the span is large, the material can be saved compared to the solid web beam, reducing the self-weight and increasing the rigidity, so it is suitable for larger spans. Load-bearing structures and high-rise structures, such as roof trusses, bridges, transmission line towers, satellite launch towers, hydraulic gates, crane frames, etc.
2. The stage industry uses the structure of the building truss to transform it into an aluminum alloy frame structure for stage lighting, audio and other stage equipment. Using this structural feature, combined with the light and beautiful characteristics of aluminum alloy, the stage truss is perfectly created. Not only the structure is diversified, but also the functions are more and more humanized. With the use of the lifting system provided by TRUSS, the construction of stage lighting and sound is faster and safer.
3. Shape: single row, triangle, square, circle, star, etc. With the development of dance beauty, the stage truss has become more and more diverse.
4. Diversified functions: TRUSS is used as a light stand in large and medium-sized performances. The overall structure of the high-thickness square frame can achieve its high load capacity. Used in indoor and outdoor performances. In fact, TRUSS can be used in other activities. In practice, TRUSS can also build large exhibition booths. The advantages of TRUSS are: fast construction, beautiful appearance; high wind strength and adjustable height.

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