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Surface treatment method of truss

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Shizhan Group is a Truss Stage Supplier. During the sales of truss stage, you will encounter many questions from customers. For the truss surface treatment, Shizhan Group will answer your doubts.

Irregular Truss

Irregular Truss

There are many ways to treat the surface of the truss. In addition to spray molding, the most commonly used default method is hot-dip galvanizing in the truss system.

The surface treatment of truss refers to the processing on the surface of the truss profile, so that it can achieve anti-corrosion and beautiful effects. Hot-dip galvanized refers to coating the surface with molten zinc ingots, and the thickness of the coating can be adjusted in time according to our needs. The stage truss after coating is characterized by high corrosion resistance and long service life, even up to 20 years.

Another treatment method is cold galvanizing, which is also called electro-galvanizing. The treatment surface in this way is relatively smooth, without zinc flowers. However, in terms of performance, due to the thin coating, the corrosion resistance will be relatively poor, it is easy to change color, and it has greater pollution to the environment.

Truss suppliers mostly use hot-dip galvanizing. Hot-dip galvanized truss is better than cold-dip galvanizing. Cold-dip galvanized surface zinc is too thin, while hot-dip galvanized truss is more durable and has stronger outdoor corrosion resistance. .

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