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Testing and certification of aluminum alloy truss

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  Aluminum alloy trusses are mainly used for performances, exhibitions, celebrations, events, etc. They are all crowded areas, so the safety performance of the truss is higher. In terms of safety performance, the quality control of aluminum alloy trusses is mainly reflected in the inspection of raw materials, welding and finished products.

  The raw materials are commonly used aluminum alloy 6061-T6/6082-T6, and the corresponding national standard is GB/T 6892-2015 "General Industrial Aluminum and Aluminum Alloy Extruded Profiles". The materials can be tested by tensile test, hardness analysis, and spectral analysis. Physical and chemical analysis to determine whether the material meets the standard to ensure that the material achieves the corresponding performance.

  For the welding of aluminum alloy truss, there is currently no unified standard in China. Large-scale manufacturers generally adopt international standards, such as the AWS D1.2 aluminum structure welding specification in the United States; the focus of the test is to conduct breaking experiments and macroscopic metallographic inspections on welded samples. To ensure that the welding is firm.

  The more authoritative product testing and certification of aluminum alloy truss is German TUV. Through the inspection and control of a series of safety factors such as product raw materials, accessories, structural design, welding, structural mechanics analysis, mechanics verification, product load-bearing performance measurement, product traceability, company production management process specifications, etc., and re-inspection at the factory every year , After passing the test, the corresponding certificate will be issued. Each certificate has a globally unique TUV official website query code, and the TUV safety certification logo can be affixed on the product. Due to the high requirements for product quality and company management, only a few companies in the industry have obtained TUV certification, and the Shizhan Group is one of them.

  As an industry leader, the aluminum alloy trusses produced by Shizhan Group have obtained multiple test reports and quality certifications. All the tests and certifications listed above have passed the Shizhan, especially the TUV certification, which has become Shizhan's participation on the international stage. A beautiful business card for competition.

TUV safety certification
TUV safety certification
TUV safety certification

  Many welding engineers in the group have obtained the American Standard Welder Certificate, and the welding level is first-class, and each order product is welded according to the parameters and requirements listed in the welding process guide, and the product welding penetration and the beautiful weld bead are guaranteed; not only that, Shizhan Group has introduced a number of advanced welding tooling equipment, which has played an important role in further improving welding quality and product accuracy. Shizhan Group holds a welding skill contest every year. Winners will be rewarded, and future promotion will be given priority to encourage all welders to continue to study welding skills.

welding engineers
Aluminum alloy trusses
American Standard Welder Certificate

  After years of development, Shizhan Group has also formed a complete set of operating procedures and product acceptance specifications. Each batch of orders will undergo the first product inspection. After the first inspection is qualified, it will enter mass production. During the production process, a certain percentage of random inspections or full inspections will be performed on each process and finished product, and the finished product will be tested. The product will be checked again during packaging. To ensure that high-standard products are delivered to customers. The quality department is equipped with advanced equipment such as universal material tensile testing machine, spectrum analyzer, hardness tester, ultrasonic flaw detector, etc., to fully control the products from raw materials to production process and finished products.

  In recent years, Shizhan Group has continuously invested in R&D and established a professional R&D team equipped with Solidworks software, 3D printers, 3D scanners, large-scale CNC machine tools, CNC finishing centers, etc., for conventional products such as aluminum alloy trusses, stages, etc. Continuous optimization and improvement of performance, and continuous research and development of new products. Products such as large-scale steel concert truss, hydraulic stage, lifting stage, telescopic stand, and new one-plate four-leg stage with a bearing capacity of 85 tons have been applied to various large-scale events and have been well received by customers.

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