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The application of aluminum truss can be seen everywhere

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Aluminum truss belongs to metal processing enterprises, usually in industrial parks, Aluminum truss will not be present in the living areas of ordinary people. However, the products of the manufacturers of stage trusses are indeed everywhere. Aluminum truss is used in the construction of various stages, booths, buildings, etc. However, there are many types of trusses, with different styles and materials.


What is the difference between Aluminum truss and net truss?

What are the benefits of using Aluminum truss on stage? How to choose its specifications?

Which Aluminum truss structure is more stable and firmer?


What is the difference between Aluminum truss and net truss?

Aluminum truss structure and net truss are both common forms of building structure, from a layman's point of view, they are the same, both are made of metal material connection, so what is the difference between Aluminum truss and net truss? When to use net truss and when to use Aluminum truss?


Common forms of aluminum truss and net truss: net truss is commonly available in the shapes of triangular cone, trigon, square, truncated quadrangular cone, etc. It is generally available with bolt ball nodes, welded ball nodes, etc. It is a kind of space architecture.


Aluminum truss generally has single row stage truss, triangle stage truss, quadrilateral stage truss, the stage truss we often talk about is quadrilateral stage truss, which is also a kind of stage truss used more often. Commonly used are steel stage truss and aluminum stage truss.


Aluminum truss and net truss force: The stage truss structure is a kind of plane structure we often say, which needs the support of external force such as base to form a stable structure and is a one-way force system. Net truss can be supported around, multi-point support, and has large in-plane stiffness, which is a two-way force system.


Aluminum truss structure is developed on the basis of net truss structure, which has its unique practicality compared with net truss structure, and the amount of steel used in the structure is more economical. Net truss has the characteristics of spatial force, light weight, high stiffness, good seismic performance, etc. The disadvantage is that the number of rods intersecting the nodes is high and the production and installation is more complicated than that of flat structure.


Shizhan Group points out that Aluminum truss structure mainly bears axial tension or pressure, so it is suitable for stage construction, advertising frame, background frame, sound and light frame, Aluminum truss canopy, roof frame, bridge, crane frame, etc. Net truss is mostly used for curved structures and tops with its knotted characteristics, and can be used as roofing for gymnasiums, theaters, waiting halls and other buildings.


What are the benefits of using Aluminum truss on stage? How to choose its specifications?

Aluminum truss has strong pressure resistance and can be used for large scale performances. Aluminum trusses are used in the setting up of the stage for celebrity performances, corporate events, and scenery placement.


The structure of stage truss is rarely used in public buildings such as large span factories, exhibition halls, stadiums and bridges. The straight rods of the lower chord of the stage truss which are important to bear the axial force are articulated at the response nodes to form a geometrically invariable lattice load-bearing structure, which is located at the lower edge of the truss.


In order to extend the stage surface and increase the entertainment atmosphere, the stage can be extended from under the main stage and lifted flat to a plane with the main stage, so that the players have more space to play and approach the audience to reach various special results. When not in use, the stage can be retracted to the main stage inside, increasing the stage distribution area.


The more important meaning of Aluminum truss is that it transforms the complex stress condition inside the solid web beam under cross bending into the simple tensile and compressive stress condition inside the truss rod, which can understand the force distribution and transmission intuitively and facilitate the change and combination of planning.


Aluminum truss is generally made of 6061-T6 aluminum through a series of cutting, grinding, processing, welding, painting, etc. It is very widely used, but people don't pay much attention to it. Aluminum truss is very sensitive to establish, and can establish different size of truss system according to the need. Compared with iron truss, Aluminum truss is made of 6061-T6 aluminum alloy, which has stronger anti-corrosion property and longer service life.


Which Aluminum truss structure is more stable and firmer?

Which Aluminum truss structure is more stable and firmer? Physically, triangle is a more stable structure, and it can save a lot of material. Therefore, in some occasions, it is very wise to use triangular trusses.


Shizhan Group's foldable triangle stage truss has a stable and solid truss structure, which has a greater load capacity and span compared with the same size truss, and the foldable triangle truss has a pin interface, which is fast to install. It is a good kind of truss in all aspects.


Compared with triangular joist, trapezoidal joist (or quadratic joist) has improved stress on the rod and can be used in roofing to meet the process requirements of certain industrial plants more easily. If the top and bottom chords of trapezoidal joist are parallel, it is a parallel chord joist, and the bar bearing condition is slightly worse than trapezoidal, but the web type is greatly reduced, and it is mostly used in bridges and trestle bridges.

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