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The basic components of a complete assembled stage

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With the continuous development of the country's economy, various commercial performances are also increasing. Due to venue planning or individual event requirements, it is often necessary to temporarily set up a safe, stable, convenient and fast stage. For example, with the exception of venues dedicated to performances and events, such as the auditorium of the song and dance theater, not every venue can build a traditional reinforced concrete brick stage. Especially for events and outdoor advertising racks that need to be held outdoors, the capital, time, manpower and material resources cannot be consumed. At this time, choosing the detachable aluminum truss lighting frame, folding stage or assembled stage to form a mobile stage, outdoor stage, etc., is a wise first choice for merchants and event organizers.


Although due to diversified activity requirements and different stage custom designs, the shape and size of the stage and the truss are different, but from the basic structure. A simple stage for activities is composed of two parts: aluminum truss lighting frame + stage (including the steps on the side of the stage).


The truss is mainly composed of two parts: the light and sound truss and the background truss. The background truss is mainly used to place the curtain or LED screen of the background environment of the performance. The aluminum truss light frame is processed into specified parts by cutting, combining, welding, painting and other processes from aluminum alloy raw materials. Afterwards, the counter head, square sleeve, gourd, base, cross arm and other accessories to be used in conjunction with the construction will be transported to the designated venue for the event. Therefore, before setting up the stage, in order to ensure the smooth progress of the installation process, it is necessary to carefully check whether the various parts are fully equipped.

 Folding Truss

The height of the truss needs to be considered in conjunction with the height of the entire site. Generally divided into three types: the aluminum truss light frame of the stage for small and medium-sized activities is about 4-6 meters high, which can be completed by manpower. The aluminum truss lighting stand of the large-scale event stage is about 6-8 meters high, and it is necessary to use cranes, lifting stands and other tools to complete the construction. Large performances and other activities require trusses with a height of more than 8 meters. Because the height of the aluminum truss will affect the center of gravity of the truss, in order to ensure the safety of the aluminum truss, comprehensive consideration and calculation are required when designing the truss.


Follow the procedure to install and build the truss. After the light truss is built, the height of the stage can be adjusted using gourds and other components according to the height and angle requirements of the light. The coordinated work of the various parts is combined into a complete stage space, so that the stage activities can achieve the best effect.


Aluminum truss stage refers to the stage plane, and the accessories mainly include stage board, stage film, column, screw, cross bar, top support, etc. The aluminum truss stage specification is generally 1.22*1.22 meters of assembled stage. In the stage design, the required number of stage boards can be calculated according to the size and area of the entire stage. Such as: small stage 3.66mx3.66m, that is, 9 stage boards are used to form a square. The medium stage is composed of 15 boards in three rows and five columns. Large-scale stages generally need to cover the entire area, and the edges of the stage must be chamfered to present the shape of the unconventional stage specifications, in order to make it fit the wall of the venue. Similarly, the custom aluminum truss stage is also a very practical stage, which can be designed into a round, arc or other shape. Due to the diverse needs of modern events, custom aluminum truss stages have become a trend. The design of the stage should also conform to the theme style of the performance. Only a stage that really cares for the event organizer, performer and audience is a good stage.


Stage ladders are used for up and down the stage. Common materials are aluminum alloy and steel. The number of steps can be customized. The specifications are generally 128cm in length, 30cm in width and 20cm in height. Wheels can be configured according to needs. Stages are classified according to materials: aluminum alloy or iron. Because aluminum truss has the advantages of lighter weight, sufficient hardness, strong anti-corrosion and durability, and long service life, most of the stage building trusses now use aluminum truss.


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