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The related technologies of ringlock scaffolding

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Several key points to be paid attention to in the production process of ringlock scaffolding

As a scaffolding manufacturer, it is necessary to have sufficient grasp of the various technological processes of the scaffolding and the performance of the steel pipe material. When the customer orders the welded pipe, the scaffolding and rectangular pipe are the customers' choice. We have mentioned the pros and cons of scaffolding and rectangular pipe many times. During the production process of scaffolding, only the size of the pipe end is strict. After all, scaffolding is different from rectangular pipe, so when producing scaffolding, pay attention to the best caliber and pipe end. , In order to facilitate quick and easy construction during installation and welding. For the production of large-diameter steel pipes with thinner walls, attention should be paid to reinforcement or support for the steel pipes to prevent the scaffold from being elliptical or deformed during transportation. For the scaffolding, the accurate size of the caliber is the most important. The second thing to pay attention to is that the scaffolding welds should not be undercut. The two welded edges of the rolled steel pipe must be aligned and flat, so that the welded steel pipe can be beautiful and standardized. The second thing to pay attention to is the straightness of the scaffolding. The straightness of the scaffolding not only affects the overall appearance of the scaffolding, but also affects the later construction connection.


What to pay attention to when choosing ringlock scaffolding

Ringlock scaffolding is a necessity in the construction industry. When sellers sell products, they usually fall off the products. Therefore, many builders want to purchase products with reasonable prices and high-quality goods, which gave birth to ring scaffolding. The fastener sales industry is competitive. We often encounter some problems when purchasing ringlock scaffolding fasteners. Let's talk about the specific problems that need to be paid attention to when purchasing.

As a necessary item in the erection and disassembly of steel pipe scaffolding fasteners, how do most builders purchase them? How can the procurement cost be reduced? In this way, the construction unit can also save costs in terms of construction funds.

With the continuous advancement of modern society and the continuous updating of products, today's builders put safety first when purchasing products. Naturally produced products are the top priority of manufacturers, so when choosing products Starting from the characteristics of the product, knowing oneself and the enemy can win all battles.

First of all, it depends on whether the first-grade welded pipe is used for the buckle-type scaffolding. The price and quality of the first-grade and second-grade products will be much worse. Furthermore, it depends on whether the weld is full and uniform. If the weld is spot welded or there is missing welding, the quality of such a ring scaffold will greatly decrease the carrying capacity during use, which will affect the safety of construction.

In consideration of construction efficiency, since the manufacturing cost of the ring scaffold is not high, it requires more man-hours for erection and dismantling during construction, and the cost is much higher than the cost, so we consider whether the construction efficiency is high or not. One reason to buy ring scaffolding.

When purchasing ringlock scaffolding, you must not pursue low prices. It depends on the origin of ringlock scaffolding and the production material of ringlock scaffolding, the wall thickness of ringlock scaffolding pipe, the endurance of ringlock scaffolding, and the ringlock scaffolding. The strength of the manufacturer and the cooperation case of the product are considered in many aspects.


Requirement for erection of ringlock scaffolding

1. The erection must be carried out in accordance with the approved plan and the requirements of the on-site disclosure. It is strictly forbidden to cut corners and materials, strictly abide by the erection process, and must not use deformed or corrected materials as uprights.

2. During the erection process, there must be skilled technicians on site to guide the shift, and have follow-up inspection and supervision.

3. It is strictly forbidden to cross-work up and down during the erection process. Practical measures must be taken to ensure the safety of materials, accessories, and tools to be transferred and used, and safety guards should be set up at the top and bottom of traffic crossings and work sites according to the site conditions.

4. The construction load on the operation layer should meet the design requirements, and no overloading, and no centralized stacking of formwork, steel bars and other materials on the scaffolding.

5. During the use of the scaffold, it is strictly forbidden to dismantle the structural members of the frame without authorization. If you need to dismantle, you must report to the technical person in charge for approval and confirm the remedial measures before implementation.

6. Scaffolding should be kept a safe distance from overhead power transmission lines. The erection of temporary power lines on site and lightning protection measures for scaffolding grounding should be implemented in accordance with the relevant provisions of the current industry standard "Technical Specifications for Temporary Power Use at Construction Sites" (JGJ461).

7. Regulations on work at heights:

① The erection and dismantling of scaffolding should be stopped in case of strong wind, rain, snow, and fog of level 6 and above.

② Operators use climbing ladders to get on and off the scaffolding. They are not allowed to climb the scaffold up and down, and it is not allowed to use tower cranes or cranes to lift people up and down.


5 popular knowledge of ringlock scaffolding

1. Ring type scaffolding is generally hot-dip galvanized and beautifully constructed. Stable and firm. The ring buckle scaffold is divided into 60# tube and 48# tube. Wheel ringlock scaffolding and ring ringlock scaffolding countries do not have strict specifications to define them. However, on the construction site and manufacturers, it is customary to call wheel buckles for flower discs with four holes, and ring ringlock scaffolding for discs with eight holes.

Ring type scaffolding is the international mainstream scaffolding connection method, mainly used in European and American countries and regions, and is an upgraded product of scaffolding.

The main materials of the ringlock scaffolding are all low-alloy structural steel (GB Q345B), which is 1.5 to 2 times stronger than the ordinary carbon steel pipe (GB Q235) of traditional scaffolding.

2. The enhancement of the pole material and cross-section of the buckle scaffold greatly improves the bearing capacity of the pole, simplifies the layout of the bracket, and saves the investment of the bracket material;

Each component of the ring-buckle scaffold is connected by connecting pins, which improves the speed of erection and dismantling of the bracket, and does not require the assistance of large mechanical equipment, saving construction costs;

The ring-ringlock scaffolding has clear force, safe and reliable, and the unique formwork support system simplifies the process, no tie rods are required, which is conducive to the appearance of concrete;

3. The buckle type scaffold fully meets the requirements of: Chinese industry standard] GJ231- -2010 "Building construction socket type disc buckle steel pipe bracket". The main function of the standard base: After the adjustable base is positioned, the standard base is placed, and then connected with a cross bar, which can make the foundation firm and firm, and make the subsequent installation operations faster and faster. Diameter: φ48mmx3.2mm, with the disc as the boundary, the upper and lower sides are each 100mm long.

4. The buckle scaffold adopts a uniform 500 plate distance. With its vertical poles, diagonal rods and tripods, bridge supports of different spans and different cross-sections, stage supports, lighting scaffolding, and bridge pier columns can be erected to safely climb the ladder. The traditional bridge formwork system is cumbersome and suitable for specific specifications, which has great limitations. The ring scaffolding can be set up into formwork supports of different shapes and functions to meet the construction needs of various styles.

The ringlock scaffolding adopts a uniform hot-dip galvanized surface treatment, in addition to reducing the high per capita maintenance cost, the appearance is consistent, and the atmospheric and beautiful silver also enhances the image of the project.

5. Aluminum alloy plate ringlock scaffolding is mainly composed of main frame, horizontal frame, cross diagonal brace, scaffold board, adjustable base and so on. Scaffolding made of steel pipe materials in use now includes fastener steel pipe scaffolding, bowl buckle steel pipe scaffolding, buckle plate scaffolding, socket steel pipe scaffolding, portal scaffolding, trapezoidal scaffolding and so on.

The scaffold accessories will be connected during construction, which is to facilitate the loading and unloading operations and make the use more convenient. The common methods are lashing connection, bolt connection, fastener connection, socket connection, etc., but the connection styles used by different scaffolding accessories are also different, and it needs to be analyzed in detail.

The ringlock scaffolding accessories are used in conjunction with aluminum alloy scaffolding, but its function cannot be ignored. If there is no accessory to participate in the scaffolding, the construction cannot be carried out. Through the use of scaffold accessories and scaffolding, different models can be built, which can be applied to a variety of constructions, whether it is urban construction or rural construction, it is inseparable from it.


The preparation work that should be done before the construction of the ringlock scaffolding

1. Understand the relevant specifications and project content of ringlock scaffolding

Mainly include "Building Construction Socket Type Ring Steel Pipe Support Safety Technical Specification JGJ231-2010", "Building Construction Scaffolding Technology Unified Standard GB51210-2016", related project construction drawings, construction organization plan after demonstration, and special sub-scaffolding scaffolding. Package construction contract, etc.

2. Understand the main materials of the buckle support system

The rods of the buckle support system:

The diameter of the pole is φ60.3, the wall thickness is 3.2mm (wall thickness ±0.15mm) and the material is Q355B;

The horizontal crossbar is made of Q355, the pipe diameter is φ48.3mm, and the pipe wall thickness is 2.75mm (±0.275mm);

The material of the vertical inclined rod is Q235, the pipe diameter is φ42mm, and the pipe wall thickness is 2.75mm (±0.275mm), and all are hot-dip galvanized.

3. Determine the initial location of the erection area

Determine the initial position of the erection according to the axis and the plane layout of the frame to ensure the arrangement of the frame and the positioning of the upper main keel cantilever.

4. Elevation and construction area

(1) Elevation calculation in advance (frame fittings): According to the ground elevation and roof elevation (primary and secondary keel, formwork, etc.), ensure that the erection of the frame conforms to the specifications, and is conducive to the construction in the demolition process.

(2) Prepare materials and materials in advance according to the construction area, plan for material entry, specific construction deployment, and construction methods (material vertical transportation machinery, construction platform).

5. Preparation for construction schedule

(1) Technical preparation

① Read the drawings, construction organization design carefully before construction, and carefully understand the site conditions and construction schedule.

②Before the scaffolding workers enter the site, they must conduct three times of education and corresponding assessments. Only qualified personnel who have gone through the procedures for entering the site can be put on duty, and education and training will be carried out once a week.

③Responsible persons at all levels make technical clarifications to installers and users respectively according to the scaffolding plan

(2) Material preparation

According to the total amount of materials issued by the technical department of the construction plan, the construction management personnel propose the material entry plan in batches in accordance with the on-site construction plan, construction period requirements, number of personnel, storage sites, mechanical equipment and other factors.

(3) Preparation of construction personnel and related management documents

① Before entering the site, construction personnel must conduct three educations and corresponding assessments. Only qualified personnel who have gone through the entry procedures can be on duty. Scaffolding workers will be educated once a week to raise awareness and prevent hidden dangers.

②The management personnel of each department shall make technical clarifications to the constructors and users according to the scaffolding construction plan.

③Requirements for scaffolding workers: the scaffolding personnel must hold a certificate to work (except for manual workers), have a good sense of safety and professional ethics, and have a good sense of responsibility and spirit of unity and cooperation, and consciously abide by labor discipline , Pay attention to civilized construction, and have a healthy body and high technical quality. To

④Quality requirements for construction team leaders: In addition to the above-mentioned personnel, they must also be proficient in drawings, understand design intent, flexibly solve problems in the erection process according to site conditions, be proficient in scaffold erection methods, and have rich industry experience .

⑤ Scaffolding workers should wear safety helmets, safety belts, and non-slip shoes during the construction process. They are not allowed to work after drinking.

⑥ Safety helmet requirements: safety helmets are required to protect the head from injury, and the lining of the helmet must have the function of buffering and consuming impact.

⑦Safety belt requirements: adopt a five-point safety belt, which can be rolled and buffered.

The above are the 5 preparatory tasks that should be done before the construction of the ringlock scaffolding.

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