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What work need to do To build a qualified truss roof system?

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Nowadays, there are many kinds of aluminum alloy stage, but it needs some efforts to build a qualified truss roof system, because truss roof system can add light to the wonderful performance, then in the process of building truss roof system, what work needs to be done?


what work need to do To build a qualified truss roof system?

Truss roof system how to choose how to build how to use to be safe?

Truss roof system and the welding requirements of the joint ring seam


What work need to do To build a qualified truss roof system?

Before construction, the size of the event and the expected number of participants should be taken into account, and according to the impact of the event and the venue to choose the truss roof system specifications. First, the venue area, after the selection of the stage area to choose truss roof system, the required span and carrying capacity, how many lights, sound and other equipment need to be installed, and where to install.


Truss roof system erection site and weather factors, site factors determine the size of the event. After choosing the stage and truss according to the venue factor, you also need to consider the weather factor. Whether there is a need to add shade or blocking. If there is such a need, it is necessary to build a faux ceiling. The length of the parts.


Truss roof system assembly and installation method, stage builders have their own working method, here it is necessary to explain the bottom fixed and aerial work. In order to Truss roof system fixed during construction, and should protect the area from other people close. Erection of overhead frames, using scaffolding.


Truss roof system is installed with space bearing structure and stage truss with high load capacity. In general, 22 mm truss with 1.2 mm diameter and 6 mm thickness has a load capacity of 200 kg. Different sizes of truss have different load capacities. Light and sound are not a problem, but they need to be fixed.


Regarding the preparation for building a qualified Truss roof system, the main thing is the choice of stage truss material. There are two main types of Shizhan aluminum truss material, steel truss and aluminum truss. If you need, please feel free to contact us.


Truss roof system how to choose how to build how to use to be safe?

As we all know, the key tool that will be used when building a stage is the Truss roof system, which is the basic structural component of the stage, with which you can create all kinds of imagination and make the stage beautiful. However, the safety of the Truss roof system should not be ignored. In order to avoid accidents, Shizhan suggests that we should learn more about the considerations of stage construction.

The first thing to pay attention to is to choose the Truss roof system with better material. Nowadays, it is very popular to use metal truss because its quality is lighter and has good strength, and the surface is smooth so that it will not bring harm to people.

Secondly, it is important to observe whether the joints of the Truss roof system are well connected, as these parts need special processing and protection. If the exterior of the Truss roof system is to be painted, the paint used should be degreased in particular to provide better corrosion protection.

In addition, the shape of the structure of the Truss roof system should be taken into consideration. The relatively safe shape is trapezoidal, with the two parallel sides of the trapezoid as the contact plane parallel to the ground, which will be very solid. And also allows the audience from different angles can have a good line of sight to observe the performance on the stage, the space formed will have a good depth, the picture will have a more three-dimensional sense.

In order to extend the service life of the Truss roof system as much as possible and reduce its damage, it is necessary to improve its shear stress. Generally, by arranging the webs reasonably, it is able to transfer the shear force to the support gradually, so that the material strength can be given full play and thus be suitable for various needs.

If you have any questions or needs regarding the Truss roof system, please call Shizhan's hotline and we will have the appropriate person available to answer your questions.


Truss roof system and the welding requirements of the joint ring seam

Truss roof system is easy to erect, lightweight, corrosion-resistant and rust-resistant, and durable. Compared with steel trusses, it is highly reusable, beautiful and light. Suitable for outdoor and indoor use on different occasions, the service life is several times longer than iron truss light frame, and Truss roof system, aluminum alloy lighting frame routine maintenance is simple. It can be used as lighting rack, stage background rack, audio-visual rack, exhibition rack, advertising rack, etc. It is mostly used for display and exhibition, hotel lobby, bar hall, shopping mall, indoor and outdoor ceremonial celebration advertising and small and medium-sized mobile performance. But for Truss roof system and the joint ring seam welding requirements do you understand? Let's find out!


The aluminum alloy truss with planted pole and plate node includes node plate and aluminum alloy truss web chord connected with it, which is characterized by two slots on the node plate, one of which is for chord implantation and connection, and the other is for web implantation and connection.


The chord is connected to the node plate by bolts or rivets, and the web is connected to the node plate by bolts or rivets, so that the node plate is connected to the aluminum alloy rod in several directions, such that the aluminum alloy joist system with reasonable force and reliable structure can be designed, produced and constructed easily.


The welding requirements of aluminum alloy joist aluminum alloy tube and joint ring seam, according to the welding timing requirements, the programmable controller is used to realize the logical sequence control of the welding equipment, and the automatic welding process of inert gas shielded welding of aluminum alloy tube and joint ring seam of aluminum alloy joist is developed.

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