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Truss clamps play an important role in truss quality

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  If some buildings built on the construction site are connected by poles and hinges, it can be said to be a new type of building material. It is easy to use and easy to disassemble. The most important thing is to reduce its weight and increase its rigidity. Coordination with truss attachments is inseparable.

  When we see a truss, we will find that, in addition to the straight rod, many have some small clamps, some like nuts, some hexagonal joints and so on. In short, according to the shape of the truss, what kind of accessories are available, it can be said that without it, the installation will not succeed. So what does it do?

  First, the role of the connection is obvious. Without clamps, the truss cannot be built.

  Second, to strengthen the role of brackets, good clamps play a great role in the safety performance of the truss, and it is extremely important to improve the ruggedness, safety, and stability of the truss.

  Third, material savings are substantial. For buildings, reducing construction costs, especially steel truss, is indispensable in modern architecture.

  When we need a truss, we can't ignore the role of its clamp. Only when two things complement each other, can we make full use of the truss and ensure the safety of personnel. Shizhan Group offers different types of clamps, as well as clamp customization.

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