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Trusses can be classified by different characteristics

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Truss: A structure in which members are connected to each other by hinges at both ends. The truss is composed of straight rods and generally has a plane or space structure with triangular elements. The truss rods mainly bear axial tension or pressure, so that the strength of the material can be fully utilized. When the span is large, the material can be saved compared with the solid web beam, and the self-weight and weight can be reduced. Increase stiffness.

Trusses can be classified by different characteristics

According to the shape of the truss, it is divided into:

1. Parallel chord truss (easy to arrange double-layer structure; conducive to standardized production, but the distribution of rod force is not uniform enough);

2. Chord truss (such as a parabolic truss beam, the bending moment diagram of a simply supported beam with the same shape and uniform load, the rod force is evenly distributed, the material is economical, and the structure is more complicated);

3. Triangular truss (rod force distribution is more uneven, structure layout is difficult, but the slope meets the needs of roof drainage).

3 ways triangle truss

According to the geometric composition of the truss, it is divided into:

1. Simple truss (consisting of a basic hinged triangle with two elements added in turn);

2. Joint truss (composed of several simple trusses according to the simple composition rules of the geometrically invariant system);

3. Complex truss (different from other statically indeterminate trusses of the first two).

According to the horizontal thrust received:

1. Beam truss without thrust (compared with the corresponding solid beam structure, the hollowing rate is large, the upper and lower chords are resistant to bending, the web members are mainly shear resistant, the force is reasonable, and the material is economical);

2. Arch truss with thrust (the arch ring and the upper structure of the arch are integrated as a whole, which is convenient for construction, has strong spanning ability, and saves steel materials).

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3 Ways spigot black truss

Truss Material : Aluminum Alloy 6061-T6/6082-T6

Light duty truss : 200*200mm; 250*250mm

Medium duty truss : 290*290mm; 300*300mm; 350*350mm; 300*400mm ;400*400mm; 450*450mm; 400*600mm

Heavy duty truss : 520*760mm ; 600*760mm; 600*1000mm

Main tube thickness : 30*2mm; 50*3mm; 50*4mm; 50*5mm

Vice tube thickness : 18*2mm; 20*2.5mm; 25*2.5mm

Brace tube thickness : 20*2mm; 25*2mm; 30*2mm

Length : 0.5m/1m/1.5m or custom size

Truss type : Spigot

Usage : Concert, new product release, fashion show, booth stand construction

Delivery Time : 15 working days

3 Ways spigot black truss

Use of The Aluminum Alloy 3 Ways Spigot Truss

The aluminum alloy 3 ways spigot truss is mainly used to connect the beams and columns in three directions on the Arch Roof truss. The surface is sprayed with black plastic.

This aluminum alloy 3 ways spigot truss different from the Corner Box in that it can only be used in the middle of the beam to connect small columns

Advantage of Aluminum Alloy 3 Ways Spigot Truss

1. Black plastic spraying makes the overall appearance of the truss look more beautiful.

2. The connection mode is the same as that of ordinary truss, which is simple and convenient.

3. We employ professional engineers to design such connectors, which can cost less. Complex product process and professional production technology can improve product quality

Technical index of Aluminum Alloy 3 Ways Spigot Truss

1. Quality of Aluminum Alloy 3 Ways Spigot Truss

We have introduced equipment, trained high-quality welding technicians, and selected high-quality raw materials. We will provide consumers with high-quality and safe products.

2. Price of Aluminum Alloy 3 Ways Spigot Truss

In the context of high quality and reasonable profit, we provide our consumers with the most competitive prices.

3. Service:

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