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Types of clamps

Date: 15.04.2020 Viewed: times
Clamps are the connectors between steel pipes and steel pipes. There are three main types of clamp, namely right-angle clamps, rotating clamps, and butt clamps.
1. Right-angle clamp: used for the connection of two vertically intersecting steel pipes. It relies on the friction between the fastener and the steel pipe to transfer the load.
2. Rotating clamp: used to connect two steel pipes that intersect at any angle

3. Butt clamp: used for the connection of butt joint length of two steel pipes.

Pro Swivel Clamp

Pro Swivel Clamp

 Coupler Clamp

Coupler Clamp

Shizhan Group offers a variety of clamps, such as Pro Swivel Clamp, Coupler Clamp, Quick Rig Clamp, Eye Clamp, Single Clamp and X-Pro Clamp. All kinds of clamps are put on the market after strict quality inspection, and the quality can stand the test. The final product installation test of each order, we guarantee the accuracy and quality of the product and ensure that we provide customers with perfect products. Shizhan Group also provides clamp customization , as long as you put forward customization requirements, we will complete your needs with quality and quantity.

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