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Use lighting truss stage

Date: 21.08.2020 Viewed: times
Whether it is from TV or around our lives, we often see gorgeous stage effects. Some are used for product promotion activities, and some are professional entertainment performances. What attracts our attention on the stage is not only the wonderful program, sometimes the gorgeous lighting and sound effects will make people happy, but the role of the stage truss behind it is very big.
light truss stand
The application of stage truss facilitates the stage setting of temporary performances. Different stage venues can be built according to the specific conditions of the scene, such as the size and shape of the venue, which greatly facilitates the organizer of the event. At the same time, it is very stable. Well, don’t worry about the impact on its firmness due to intense dancing.

The stage truss is mainly used to build and support the stage. Its design has passed professional mechanical tests, and its load-bearing structure is very reasonable, so the built stage has high stability. Secondly, it can also be built into a backstage video wall and top-level bracket, which is what we have seen for the background cloth and lighting and sound suspension. They also need to order stage trusses of suitable size and specifications according to actual needs. They also need to build a safer truss on the stage in a short time, and then decorate them with posters and balloons.

Of course, the length, width and height of the truss also need to be considered according to the actual situation. In order to create a comfortable and generous stage environment, the best way is to buy a stage truss that is easy to install and remove. As a professional supplier of lighting truss stage, Shizhan Group has always insisted on producing truss de aluminio that is portable, easy to transport, and easy to disassemble. Of course, customers have any other custom requirements can tell us, we will do our best to provide customers with the most suitable truss stage system solutions.

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