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Uses and characteristics of aluminum mobile scaffolding

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The aluminum mobile scaffolding design can be used indefinitely in construction work in different terrain environments. In addition to being combined into a mobile tower, various combinations of suspensions, bridges, scaffolds, curved frames, and stand stands can also be built according to construction needs. Aluminum mobile scaffolding solves the problem of high-altitude operations for enterprises. It can be overlapped according to the actual required height. Aluminum mobile scaffolding has multiple height specifications such as 3.32M / 1.856M / 1.392M to choose from. The narrow frame can be overlapped on the narrow ground, which is convenient and flexible.


The erection requirements of aluminum mobile scaffolding:

1. Installation requirements for support rod cantilever scaffolding

The erection of support rod cantilever scaffolding needs to control the use load, and the erection should be firm. When erecting, you should first prepare the internal frame so that the crossbars extend out of the wall. Then support the diagonal bar and connect the cross bar firmly. Then erect the overhanging part and lay aluminum mobile scaffolding. Railings and toe boards should be set on the periphery, and safety nets should be set below to ensure safety.

2. Aluminum mobile scaffolding connector installation

According to the size of the building's axis, one is installed every three spans in the horizontal direction. In the vertical direction, one should be installed every 3 to 4 meters, and the points should be staggered to form a plum arrangement. The installation method of connecting wall blocks is the same as that of floor aluminum mobile scaffolding.

3. Vertical control

When erecting aluminum mobile scaffolding, the verticality of the segmented scaffolding must be strictly controlled.

 Aluminum Scaffolding Tower

Uses of aluminum mobile scaffolding:

1. Aluminum mobile scaffolding is used in buildings, halls, viaducts, tunnels, large supermarkets, etc.

2. Used for the inner and outer fence brackets of high-rise buildings.

3. The mobile working platform is used for electromechanical installation, hull repair and other decoration projects.

4. Using scaffolding with simple roof trusses, you can build dormitories, warehouses or sheds on temporary sites.

5. Aluminum mobile scaffolding is used to temporarily set up viewing stands and stands.


Features of aluminum mobile scaffolding:

1. Aluminum mobile scaffolding is easy to install, unload and build. In addition to being used alone, it can also form large structures such as handrail lifts, stairs, and venues.

2. Aluminum mobile scaffolding material is not only light, but also more durable.

3. Suspended vertical ladder configuration increases working space and reduces construction time.

4. Hanging platforms can be set at different heights of the aluminum frame according to needs.

5. The suspension device has a variety of accessories to meet different engineering needs.

The net distance between aluminum mobile scaffolding and the wall should not be greater than 150mm. The upper and lower door frames must be equipped with connecting rods and locking arms. Horizontal support should be provided on both sides of the door frame and locked firmly with the lock pin on the door frame rod, so as to ensure its stability. The installation of aluminum mobile scaffolding should extend from one end to the other, and the installation direction should be changed layer by layer. After installing the door frame, the horizontal support, horizontal frame or scaffold should be installed immediately. The pin arms and hooks connecting the door frame and accessories must be locked.


The horizontal frame must be installed on the upper part of the aluminum mobile scaffolding top door frame, connecting the wall installation layer and the protective shed. When the installation height of the door frame is less than 45m, the horizontal frame should be installed in at least two steps along the height of the bracket. When the installation height of the door frame is greater than 45m, a horizontal frame should be installed at each step. No matter how high the aluminum mobile scaffolding is, it should be at the corner of the scaffolding, discontinuous within the span of each step.


The horizontal frame can be replaced by suspended aluminum mobile scaffolding or horizontal steel bars installed on both sides of the door frame, and should be continuously installed in the installation layer. When the internal cross supports of the scaffold are temporarily partially removed due to structural needs, the spirit level should be installed above and below the frame. Aluminum mobile scaffolding can meet the requirements of high-altitude operations in narrow spaces and is a good helper for enterprises in high-altitude operations.


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