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What are the main types of truss grid structures?

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1. Steel truss: Steel trusses are divided into three- and four-pipe flange type and three- and four-pipe screw-joint types according to the connection method, and their maximum use span is generally about 6 meters. The price of steel truss is relatively cheap, and it is suitable for enterprises with small investment.

square spigoted truss

2. Aluminum truss: including three or four welded aluminum trusses and three or four riveted aluminum trusses, open truss, insert truss, tooth column truss, etc.

The maximum use span of riveted aluminum truss, open truss and insert truss is also about 6 meters, and the maximum span of tooth column truss is generally controlled at about 4 meters. The key point here is the aluminum welded truss. Because of its light weight, its maximum span can reach 12 meters to 15 meters, which is especially suitable for the light frame part of some large booths (such as the top light frame of the auto show). If you make a top light stand, you can use a column as a support or hang it in the air.

concert spigoted truss

3. Grid structure: including LH aluminum grid structure and club grid structure, which are the two most common grid structures used in exhibitions, both of which can be used as platform part, wall part and ceiling It has strong combination and interchangeability, and can be suitable for booths of different sizes. It is also a product structure familiar to many exhibitors and designers. If you have questions about the installation or production of grid structure engineering, it is best to consult an experienced steel structure engineering company, especially a professional company in grid engineering construction.

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Here, there are two square spigoted truss products we are going to show you. We hope you would like them.

300*300 square spigoted truss

this is Arch Truss with stage.

The truss is length:15m with 3m PA system ; width:7m and height:6m.

The stage composed of 30 pieces (1.22m * 2.44m) with a length of 14.64m and a width of 6.1m

The top is Arched, which effectively prevents ponding.

300*300 square spigoted truss

290*290 concert spigoted truss

this is lighting truss that is length:6m ; width:6m and height:5m

The top is composed of 6 beams and PVC canopy. Each pillar has four diagonal braces to increase the stability of the truss. This lighting truss with lifting system can hang lighting equipment on the beam and move up and down freely

square spigoted truss

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