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What convenience does Event truss bring?

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With the continuous development of the entertainment business, there are more and more performances from small promotions to big parties in various regions around the world. Along with the development of entertainment business, Event truss is also in demand, sought after and widely used by virtue of its high variability, beauty and simplicity.


Event truss production and construction method

Can the height of Event truss be increased at will when building?

Precautions when buying Event truss


Event truss production and construction method

Event truss is a very strong structure because it needs to carry the weight of actors and performance equipment. Therefore, in the production of the truss, a stronger four-sided welding method is used, and a high-strength 6061-T6 aluminum alloy is chosen as the raw material for processing. In particular, the welding is done with fish scale joints, which are more uniform, more beautiful and stronger.


Event truss has excellent corrosion resistance, which can solve many problems that have plagued everyone for a long time before. Aluminum is a very active material and can be easily combined with other materials, which is a weakness but can be an important advantage if used well.


Can the height of Event truss be increased at will when building?

Can the height of Event truss be increased at will when building? What is the appropriate height to build? To build an Event truss, you need to consider not only the area of the stage and the lighting and sound equipment, but also the height of the Event truss, so how high is the Event truss appropriate?


Generally speaking, the height of the indoor Event truss is determined by the ceiling height and area. Conventional indoor height is not higher than 4 meters, if the height of Event truss is too short, the effect of stage lighting and sound equipment can not be reflected. Area also has an important role in determining the height of indoor Event truss build, generally speaking, the stage area and height to maintain a certain ratio, generally Event truss build to 4-8 meters high, do not arbitrarily increase the height of too large, if the lighter Event truss rise too high, the entire system of gravity is too high also prone to accidents, this situation can be in the indoor Add some tie rods to stabilize the Event truss or consult the manufacturer to give advice.


Outdoor Event truss build height is not limited by the ceiling height, but the height also needs to be based on some conditions: the entire site area, if small events, the height can be 4-8 meters. If the site is large and the number of people is very large, the height needed is higher and may rise to more than 10 meters, this height needs special attention to safety issues, you can add long nails to fix the truss column at the bottom plate of the Event truss column, and add fixed cables around the Event truss column or The Event truss can be fixed by adding long nails to fix the truss column at the bottom of the Event truss column, and adding fixed ties or inclined braces around the Event truss column.


Can the height of Event truss be increased at will? In fact, the height of the Event truss cannot be increased at will, it may cause accidents and must be increased with adequate preparation.


Precautions when buying Event truss

Nowadays, there are a lot of events that need to build and use Event truss, so now the products related to Event truss construction, such as Event truss and other products have a good sales situation in the market. Many manufacturers of such products in order to maintain an advantage in the market competition, the innovative design of these stage-related products and new technology development work has not stopped. The marketing business pays close attention to the market situation, and Shizhan Group will take you through the points to note when buying Event trusses.


The positive actions of production and distributors have made the purchase of Event truss very convenient for consumers, but what should be noted in the specific purchase process must still be noted. It is recommended to pay attention to examine the market certification standards, according to relatively uniform, and more stringent standards to select products. Secondly, we should pay attention to the good Event truss selection, give full consideration to the issue of manufacturer reputation, but also do a good job of identifying the real and fake. Then pay attention to each purchase of products should be combined with the specific needs of the stage construction, the size, size of a reasonable choice, not haphazardly selected.


A single Event truss is just a framework, does not have the ability to apply. It also needs to be matched with good lighting effects, music effects, the choice of good quality aluminum lighting frame, both to render the atmosphere to a better, but also withstand the test of the gale. Although in the performance process, the actor is the main character, but Event truss really can not be ignored supporting role, its quality, aesthetics, the success of a performance or not.

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