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What is a truss

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  What is a truss?

  Truss, a structure formed by connecting rods with hinges at both ends. The truss is composed of straight rods and generally has a planar or spatial structure with triangular elements. The truss rods mainly bear axial tension or pressure, so that the strength of the material can be fully utilized. When the span is large, the material can be saved compared to the solid web beam, which not only reduces the The self-weight also increases the stiffness.

  The truss is a widely used rod structure. The advantage is that the rods mainly bear tension or pressure, which can fully exert the role of materials, save materials, and reduce the weight of the structure. Commonly used are steel truss, reinforced concrete truss, prestressed concrete truss, wood truss, steel and wood combined truss, steel and concrete combined truss.

folding truss
ladder truss

  Shizhan Group provides various types of truss such as irregular truss, step truss, folding truss, triangular truss and square truss, and can also meet the customization needs of customers' truss stage. Shizhan group is committed to truss manufacturing for many years and has rich manufacturing experience. The professional truss stage manufacturer deserves your trust, and we also look forward to our cooperation.

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