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What is used for stage construction?

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When constructing a stage truss, it is best to use disc scaffolding. This kind of shelf is very stable. Generally, Truss Stage Supplier will sell it.

Steel Ringlock Scaffolding: It is a new type of scaffolding. This product was introduced from Europe in the 1980s and is an upgraded product after the bowl-buckle scaffolding. Also known as the Layher frame (because the basic principle of the scaffolding was invented by the German company LAYHER, it is also known as "Layher Truss" by the industry. It is mainly used for the light and background frames of large concerts.) The socket of the scaffold is a disk with a diameter of 133mm and a thickness of 10mm. The disk has 8 holes. Φ48 * 4mm and Aluminum alloy 6061-T6 are used as the main components. The pole is welded on a certain length of steel pipe every 0.60m The disc is connected to the crossbar with this novel and beautiful disc, with a connecting sleeve at the bottom. The cross bar is made of plugs with bolts welded on both ends of the steel pipe.

Shizhan Group provides Aluminum scaffolding for sale, which is an aluminum truss stage supplier. If you have any questions, we are looking forward to your questions.

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