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What kind of exhibition truss is the most satisfying?

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Exhibition truss is a kind of advertising equipment of space structure, which is one of the derivatives of "truss". In terms of usage, exhibition truss is a common outdoor advertising equipment, which is a necessary advertising equipment for event organizers to build stage lighting frame, event exhibition booth and gantry.


What do you focus on first when you buy an exhibition truss?

About the exhibition truss is not the more you buy, the cheaper the price?

The significance of customization for exhibition truss: deep excavation of market demand


What do you focus on first when you buy an exhibition truss?

What do you focus on first when you buy an exhibition truss? Of course it is the material. As a 10 years exhibition truss manufacturer, Shizhan Group knows that material is an important consideration for customers to buy an exhibition truss.


In the eyes of customers, aluminum alloy truss is the "king" of truss products, so if you can choose aluminum alloy truss, you can choose it, no matter what you say. Not long ago, Shizhan sales staff met such a customer.


The customer needed to build a "shelf" indoors, a small indoor lighting rack, which was temporary and dismantled after use. Originally, Shizhan Metal recommended a square tube truss to the customer because it was sufficient for indoor use and was more than enough for hanging small lights. However, the customer heard from somewhere that "the lighting frame should be aluminum truss, otherwise it is not stable."


The manufacturer wanted to help the customer save money, but the customer was not willing to do so. Back to the topic, the essence of the customer's insistence on the need of aluminum alloy truss is the lack of understanding of the exhibition truss product, thinking that "the exhibition truss only depends on the material, the better the material the better the quality". In fact, Exhibition truss, as one of the advertising equipment, is originally from the building components, and its structural performance has been proven in practice: strong and durable.


Relatively, aluminum alloy truss is just an upgraded version of common material truss.


As a manufacturer of Exhibition truss, we have no opinion on customers' choice of Exhibition truss products. However, if the manufacturer is responsible for the customer, it must make suggestions and help the customer to choose which truss product is suitable.


So, in the process of daily truss purchase, listen to the advice of the truss manufacturer, not only save time and effort but also save money!


About the exhibition truss is not the more you buy, the cheaper the price?

People have a habit when shopping: stocking up, especially when the price is cheap. This behavior is often used as a paragraph, and think more waste of money. The fact is not true, hoarding is a human nature, you know people have a habit when shopping: the large amount of whether from the best? When buying a stage truss, stage truss manufacturers often encounter similar problems: I buy so much, can it be cheaper?


The more you buy, the cheaper it will be? It also depends on the situation. In the eyes of most people, I am a customer, I buy things, and I buy so many things, so what's wrong with a little cheaper? This concept is good to say that the family, people are smart will do, in fact, is selfish, only self-interest, completely regardless of the interests of others. "People are not for their own heaven and earth", but also depends on the circumstances. The modern business world is all about credit, and the business is established if you have faith, not if you don't. If the stage truss merchants only buy more for individuals on the cheap, over time, not only let the exhibition truss price system become confusing, the news spreads out also let other customers lose trust in the exhibition truss enterprise.


In addition, in the case of exhibition truss factory price sales, the stage truss profit point is low and the price is difficult to be cut, even in sometimes often because of the factor of stage truss price, the two sides talk about the collapse, resulting in the transaction is not completed and the friendship is lost. Even so, the stage truss manufacturers do not dare to let go easily, because behind a cheap price is the loss of more benefits.


After reading the above analysis of Shizhan exhibition truss manufacturers, now look at the phenomenon of "hoarding", it is not difficult to find that many people buy stage truss when they need it, who will not be in pursuit of "large quantity from the best "It is not necessary to buy a lot at once. And many exhibition truss manufacturers are there, ready to buy, a phone call can be delivered to your door.


The significance of customization for exhibition truss: deep excavation of market demand

Will there be colorful truss products? Perhaps few people have seen it, because most exhibition trusses are silver and white. Many people have the impression that silver and white is the original color of exhibition truss and other colors are simply abnormal. In fact, the exhibition truss can be customized, and any color can be chosen for its appearance.


Exhibition truss as a common outdoor advertising equipment, because of its wide range of uses, is very popular among advertisers. exhibition truss can not only build advertising shelves, but also background shelves, display shelves, promenades, and miniature lighting shelves, and even decorative shelves ...... In a way, the Exhibition truss is a fixed image in the minds of most people.


It's a bit uncomfortable to suddenly change the color and style of the exhibition truss. In fact, there are truss manufacturers who take advantage of this and use "silver truss" as a selling point to promote. I remember that Shizhan Group, when promoting its galvanized joist, used "silver color" as a proof of galvanization process to prove the rust and corrosion resistance of the joist.


This is totally wrong and ignores another advantage of trusses - customization. When Shizhan Group supplied a client with a truss, it was customized to look black to fit the theater's atmosphere.


Nowadays, Shizhan Group no longer emphasizes "silver and white truss", but "customization", which is the result of Shizhan's deeper understanding of exhibition truss and the importance of customization to the theater. The importance of custom trusses!

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