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What should I do with the truss node?

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  Shizhan Group is a supplier of truss stage. Different types of truss are available for sale. Different folding truss sizes and triangular truss sizes are provided by Shizhan Group. The same custom foldable truss service can meet the needs of customers.Are the truss joints hinged or just connected? This is a question that will be asked during the truss stage sales process. Then take a look at how the truss nodes should be connected.

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Triangle Truss

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  The truss specification is a structural frame based on the geometric stability of triangles. It is composed of linear members that only bear axial tension or axial pressure. The nodes transmit the linear force of the members, bear the shear force, and do not transmit the bending moment. The linear members of the truss structure can be hinged or rigid.

  A true truss structure must act on the node when it bears an external load. The load will be borne by all the members in a simple way of compression or tension. The node only transmits the linear force of the member and bears the shear force, not the Bending moment. In this case, the linear members can be hinged or rigidly connected, depending on the convenience of construction and appearance. There is no difference in the force, and no special reinforcement is needed at the joints.

  Truss structures generally cannot apply loads to linear members. When the load is applied to the members, if the joints are hinged, only the loaded members will bear the bending moment in the form of simply supported beams, and the rest members will not participate in the load. In this way, the bent member must be strengthened, while the other members are purely redundant. If the nodes are rigidly connected, each member will be bent in the form of a rigid frame. Not only the member itself but also its nodes will be subjected to a large bending moment, which needs to be strengthened. The truss specifications are generally purchased according to customer needs. If necessary, we look forward to your arrival.

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