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Which Stage Board has Good Nonslip Effect

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With the development of the stage industry, outdoor performance stages are used more and more in activities. In addition to the price of the stage, people are more and more concerned about the safety and aesthetics of the stage, and the stage board is the most surface of the stage. One of the load-bearing parts, its firmness and practical performance, such as outdoor performances often encounter weather changes, such as rainy days, as the most surface stage board of the stage, it will inevitably be exposed to rain or wet by the soles of shoes, and some In situations such as southern or coastal areas, where the air is humid, the moisture-proof and anti-skid performance of the stage board is also particularly important.

What material is the stage board, and does the quality of the stage board affect the price of the stage? -Stage for sale-generally use multi-layer boards, which are divided into density boards and moisture-proof boards. The main component of MDF is wood fiber, and the fibers are made of urea-formaldehyde resin or other suitable adhesives, which is a man-made board. According to different density, it is divided into high density board, medium density board and low density board. MDF is not suitable for use in stage boards due to its softness and impact resistance. The moisture-proof board cannot be equated with waterproofing. The moisture-proof board is also compressed, and it will expand when it encounters water!

At the same nonslip portable stage price, our company generally uses 18mm thick high-grade waterproof letter board. The nonslip portable stage board is a high-quality board made by high temperature hot pressing. Its strength is 4-10 times that of ordinary wood plywood, and it has super waterproof, Anti-slip, anti-corrosion, anti-moth, anti-aging characteristics, not easy to deform when exposed to water.

During the normal use of the nonslip portable stage, try to keep the nonslip portable stage surface as dry as possible. It should be dried and stored after being wet or rained. It is best to put some desiccant in the warehouse.

nonslip portable stage

Application of folding stage in indoor activities

The folding assemble stage is a stage that can be folded and stored. When building, just stretch the folded part, and the construction speed is relatively faster than the assembled stage. Because of these characteristics, the purchase of folding stages has been increasing in recent years.

Under what circumstances is it appropriate to buy a folding stage application in indoor activity? Generally, it is a wedding banquet, company annual meeting, shopping mall activities, hotel activities, commercial promotion sites, etc. So why do more folding stage application in indoor activities are used in these occasions, and fewer assembled stage application in indoor activities are used?

Usually wedding events, company events and hotel events are mostly held on flat places. For example, the plywood portable stage of the annual meeting is mostly held indoors, such as hotels, factories, and offices. In such occasions, the ground is flat, flat and large, and the requirements for plywood portable stage construction are not high. It can be built if there is a plywood portable stage, and there is no need to adjust the height after the construction is completed.

If the ground is uneven, such as dirt, sand, etc., it is not recommended to fold the stage. The Rhea stage and the snap stage are more suitable. The height of the column and screw rod of the assembled stage can be adjusted, so that the stage is on the same level, which is more stable and safer.

The folding plywood -portable stage for sale-is simple and easy to build, and is most popular in indoor occasions, especially for small and medium-sized activities, where the usage rate is high. Today, the folding plywood portable stage has become an indispensable special plywood portable stage for major industries, especially planning companies and wedding companies.

Folding Stage Construction

The folding stage is composed of stage boards and stage shelves. The specifications of each stage board are usually 1.22 meters * 1.22 meters and 1.22 meters * 2.44 meters. The stage stand includes a table stand, a foldable support leg and a foldable slide-way diagonal strut, and the stage board is fixed on the stage stand. The stage shelf is composed of two brackets on the left and right, and then fixed with the stage panel to form a folding stage.

stage application in indoor activity

Advantages of folding stage application

When the folding stage is folded, it is only necessary to fold its stage legs and store it, which is very convenient and fast; in theory, the mobile stage for sale can be combined and installed in any number of groups to meet a variety of stage construction needs; the folding design of the folding stage makes the folding stage The raised stage occupies a small space, saving transportation costs and storage costs.

Some hotels have their own folding stage, which is convenient to build during activities, and folded up when not doing activities. After folded, more tables can be placed in the area. The folding stage can also be equipped with wheels, which can be slid with rollers when folded, saving time and effort.


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