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Which Stage Trusses are Suitable for Small Celebrations

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Stage trusses appear in various fields of people's lives, bringing a lot of convenience to people's lives. Stage specifications and truss specifications vary from field to field. When people choose the truss they need, they will combine product performance, practical functions, and product price to choose the stage and truss that suits the requirements. How to choose the stage truss for small celebrations? What stage truss specifications are required?

Stage Section

The main style of the celebration is festive. Whether the content of the event is a speech or a performance, the stage is an indispensable platform. From the standpoint of construction, the foldable stage is the easiest. The folded stage only needs to be pulled apart by pulling the folded stage legs. From the standpoint of load-bearing, the assembled stage is more stable. Form a whole, so the stability is better. According to the sales volume, aluminum alloy stage and Rhea stage are recommended here.

Truss Section

As a celebration event, one of the standard features is the background frame. The background truss can be made of steel, which is cost-effective. The trusses include square tube trusses and round tube trusses. The background steel trusses use steel trusses, and the outside is covered with inkjet cloth and other advertising display screens to print the theme of the celebration.

The sound frame uses a round tube aluminum alloy steel folding stage material. If you need to configure the light, it can be fixed on the aluminum alloy steel folding stage material. What kind of steel folding stage material is used for the stage background steel folding stage material and the lighting and sound stand is exquisite, and it is enough to use a small steel folding stage material for small celebrations.

How to arrange the scene of the celebration activity not only needs to be planned in advance, but also needs to choose the stage steel folding stage material that suits the needs of the scene according to the plan. There must be a systematic plan for the purchase of products and the construction of the scene. In order to achieve the desired effect of the celebration, in addition to these, it also needs to expand the rich content, which is the core of the celebration.

steel folding stage material

What Aspects Need to be Considered in the Construction of Stage Trusses During Celebration Activities

Everyone knows that stage trusses use different types of stage trusses at different event sites. It is particularly important to choose a suitable set of trusses to fully play the corresponding role whether it is used for stage construction or building construction. Especially with the improvement of truss technology, there are more and more professional truss manufacturers, which provides great convenience for our industry. However, it is still necessary to remind users that the choice of stage truss can be considered from these aspects.

First consider the selection of the stage steel folding stage adjustable height structure: the use of the building, the architectural shape, the waterproof structure of the roof, the span of the roof steel folding stage adjustable height, the supply of structural materials, construction technology and other factors, as well as the characteristics and scope of application of various steel folding stage adjustable heightes should be considered. The steel folding stage adjustable height structure should be reasonable in force, advanced in technology, and economical and applicable.

Second, each type of truss can play its own role, but the premise is to know and understand the construction method, and I hope to provide you with useful information.

Third, the application of steel folding stage load capacity structure: civil buildings, industrial buildings, public buildings, entertainment facilities, construction equipment, highway bridges, almost covering all fields of civil engineering. Common steel folding stage load capacity structures include bent structures, ship offshore platforms, high-rise buildings and steel folding stage load capacity bridges.

Finally, bent frame structure generally refers to a structural system composed of roof trusses and columns, which is often used in single-story industrial workshops. Compared with rigid frame structures, it is more suitable for industrial buildings with large span requirements. Common forms of bents include single-span bents, multi-span bents, equal-height bents, unequal-height bents and zigzag bents.

steel folding stage adjustable height

Steel Folding Stage – SHIZHAN

Steel Folding Stage produced by SHIZHAN Group can carry heavier objects, but it is simple enough that one person can install and remove it. Steel Folding Stage is made of oversized steel pipe and high-grade aluminum, which can be used for daily use. It supports more weight than typical risers and provides superior stability. Its design ensures safe and easy installation, its compact size, convenient transportation, and its low center of gravity helps prevent tipping.

Features and Advantages

1. It can be set by one person within 30 seconds, so it saves time and effort to safely roll the folding lifting plate to and from the storage area. The stable low center of gravity makes movement easy and labor-saving, and most operators can see the riser. The lifting plate is locked in the folded position to increase safety. No tools, assembly or transport trolleys are required.

2. Its innovative cantilever design reduces risks. Since the balance weight helps lift, it reduces the risk of back strain. The portable stage platform can travel a short distance from the storage area to the setting location.

3. It has a small appearance, a better view, and a low center of gravity to prevent tipping.

4. All its parts are connected to the frame, so it will not be lost or damaged.

5. It automatically locks the deck in place during use and transportation.

6. Compatible with many accessories. It adds some available accessories to give your Steel Folding Stage a perfect look.

7. Sturdy structure. Its two fixed casters and two swivel casters provide accurate direction control. The steel tube structure provides a stable platform. Nylon bushing can ensure longer service life.

About SHIZHAN Group

Jiangsu Shizhan Group Co.,Ltd. was found in 2004 which is specialized in R&D, production and sale of Truss, Stage, Barrier, Scaffolding. As a Group company, Shizhan covers an factory area of 35,000m², headquarters located in Wuxi, China.

We have the complete production line from tube and accessories production, to finished product, a strong R&D team of 20 engineers, a professional QC team of 10 engineers, many welders with more than 10 years experience and CNC finishing center. With the 6S management, strict online production and inspection, final product erection test for each order, we guarantee the product precision and quality, make sure to deliver the perfect product to customer.


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