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Why are Portable lighting trusses made by Shizhan so popular?

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If you have paid attention to Shizhan Portable lighting truss, you will find that Portable lighting truss sales are very high among all kinds of trusses in general events! What is the reason for this? The manufacturer feels that it is because Portable lighting truss is easy to assemble, convenient to build, and suitable for use in various occasions, especially for small and medium-sized events with high usage rate. Nowadays, Portable lighting truss has become an essential special stage truss for major industries, especially for planning companies and wedding companies.


What are the advantages of Portable lighting truss?

Where can Portable lighting trusses be used?

What are the elements that determine the appearance of Portable lighting trusses?



What are the advantages of Portable lighting truss?

Portable lighting truss consists of a stage stand and a stage top, which are usually 1.22m*1.22m, 1m*2m, 1.28m*1.28m. The stage truss includes a stage stand, a collapsible support stand and a collapsible slide ramp, while the stage is fixed to the stage stand. The stage frame is made up of two brackets side by side, and then fixed with the table top to form a Portable lighting truss.


Portable lighting truss table support at both ends of the bracket is set with two foldable left and right symmetric support rod, two foldable support rod between the fixed link. portable lighting truss each support leg correspondingly with a foldable slide ramp support rod, and with foldable ramp support rod locking device, also set with a spring. When using, put down the folding leg, pull up the support bar, you can use.


The Shizhan Portable lighting truss can be folded along the pre-installed central axis, making it very convenient and fast; in theory, the Portable lighting truss can be installed in any combination of multiple groups to meet a variety of Portable lighting truss construction needs; along the middle axis The design of folding along the middle axis makes the folding stage trusses occupy little space, which greatly saves transportation and storage costs, and is very easy and fast for companies that frequently use Portable lighting trusses.


Where can Portable lighting trusses be used?

Portable lighting trusses are a kind of advertising equipment widely used in the field of advertising, which is distinctly different from aluminum trusses, a building component. There is a clear difference between the truss and the aluminum truss. Usually, Portable lighting truss is used to build outdoor advertising shelves, outdoor exhibition shelves, small stage lighting shelves, etc. Theoretically, Portable lighting truss can be used as a lighting fixture. Theoretically, Portable lighting trusses can be used to build any type of advertising equipment.


However, the use of portable lighting trusses is different with different materials, especially with the gradual breakdown of aluminum trusses. For example, we, a truss manufacturer specializing in truss production, produce Portable lighting trusses including galvanized trusses and aluminum trusses, and under each truss there are round tubes and square tubes. The way to distinguish aluminum alloy Portable lighting truss is also according to the truss material.


Some manufacturers also classify the truss according to the structure of Portable lighting truss, such as butterfly truss, folding truss and so on. Only the truss market today is more applied to fixed trusses, namely its various truss products, galvanized trusses and aluminum alloy small trusses. It can be said that although aluminum alloy truss is an advertising equipment, its variety is relatively wide and its uses are interchangeable to a certain extent.


Shizhan also introduced that the aluminum truss, for example, can be used to build a stage lighting stand for small events because of its good stability and safety. The Portable lighting truss is an easy, flexible and versatile piece of advertising equipment, and the aluminum truss can be adapted to a wide range of construction needs.


What are the elements that determine the appearance of Portable lighting trusses?

What are the elements that determine the appearance of Portable lighting trusses? The price of our aluminum stage trusses manufactured by Shizhan is based on the cost of quality. It can also be said that the price of aluminum Portable lighting trusses is based on quality. The better the quality of the product with the same raw materials and technology, the higher the cost, and the higher the price. Therefore, Portable lighting truss price is the measure of the concave and convex is the quality.


Portable lighting truss product quality bump includes two aspects: one is the raw material, people know that aluminum alloy material and iron raw material stage truss is qualitatively very different, both anti-corrosion function, still ornamental have a great distance. portable lighting truss quantity is also on the basis of raw materials. The quantity of portable lighting trusses is different from the quantity of raw materials, quality and quantity go hand in hand, both are indispensable.


For the aesthetics of aluminum portable lighting truss, first of all, the aluminum portable lighting truss should have a very beautiful design, and also its technology. It is recommended to buy Portable lighting trusses from strong manufacturers, who are more advanced and perfect in design, production industry and even after-sales service.


Another aspect is the material performance of Portable lighting truss. The material of high quality aluminum stage truss is not rusted and corroded to achieve good aesthetic requirements. Such aluminum stage trusses are environmentally friendly materials that are more resistant to corrosion, rust and other properties. It will not affect the environment and is safer. Let the aluminum alloy Portable lighting truss really play its role.

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