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Why choose aluminum alloy truss

Date: 09.04.2020 Viewed: times
At present, everyone prefers aluminum truss to stage truss. But in fact, there are many types of metal materials, why is it more popular to use aluminum alloy for stage truss?

First of all, we should know that the stage truss company must have had experience in using different material truss, but what is generally accepted by the public is the aluminum alloy stage truss. The metal material requirements of the stage truss are a certain degree of hardness, because the stage truss needs to bear a certain weight; secondly, the weldability is strong and the cost cannot be too high; it must also have a certain stability, but not too heavy, because the stage truss needs Manual installation and disassembly are also a problem if they are too heavy. For example, iron truss is a bit heavy. The aluminum alloy material meets all these conditions, is lightweight, and is not easily corroded by the environment, is stable enough, and the cost is not high, and the weldability is strong.

Most of the stage trusses launched by the shizhan Group are made of aluminum alloy. The folding truss and ladder truss are light in weight and high in stability. If you have a purchase intention, please take a look.

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