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Why is ringlock scaffolding so popular?

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Ringlock scaffolding is widely used in hull repair of buildings, bridges, tunnels, large-span buildings, and various water conservancy projects. It has reliable mechanical strength and self-locking function, and it can be assembled quickly and effortlessly. Ringlock scaffolding can reduce labor intensity, and the speed is more than 5 times that of conventional scaffolding. Ringlock scaffolding can be assembled into scaffolds with various load capacities and various supporting structure.


Features of ringlock scaffolding:

1. Welding: ringlock scaffolding uses advanced automatic welding equipment, no missing welding, false welding.

2. Hot-dip galvanizing: The galvanizing process is strict and there is no leakage, which improves the overall corrosion resistance of the product and increases the life span of the general product by 20%.

3. Accessories: All accessories, such as discs, cast steel heads, steel pipes and bolts, are tested according to AQL parameters.

4. Adjustable base: ringlock scaffolding adjustable base, the use of adjustable system design, the ground has a strong ability to adapt to work. The high strength of the bolts facilitates timely adjustment of the development level gap.

5. Connecting rod: The ringlock scaffolding connecting rod is used to connect the upper and lower members to maintain the average force of the vertical rod and the stability of the system.

6. Easy to use: There are few basic structural components, easy to install, and not easy to lose.

Finally, ringlock scaffolding is connected by model bolts to form a geometrically invariant system with strong bearing capacity and convenient disassembly, which is welcomed by all walks of life.

 Galvanized Ringlock Scaffolding

Ringlock scaffolding application:

Ringlock scaffolding has many uses and is widely used in construction. In addition to being used as a general internal and external mobile support and support frame, it can also be used as a support column, material lifting frame, cantilever support and climbing support. In addition, with the application of ringlock scaffolding and the in-depth understanding of its performance, our country continues to develop new uses. Such as construction platform, protective shed, construction shed, material shed and early construction, as well as lifting mobile scaffolding, etc.


Ringlock scaffolding construction method:

1. The layout of the office building. Since the building is a fan-shaped plane and the radius of the curve is small, it is necessary to arrange the external ringlock scaffolding in the curve. The outer arc support is composed of three nodes, while the inner arc support is composed of 4 to 5 nodes and is composed of several dotted lines. The vertical distance between the vertical bars is 1.2-1.5m, the horizontal distance is 1.2m, and the distance between the internal vertical bars and the wall is 0.30-0.50m. The layout of ringlock scaffolding needs to be determined according to the construction conditions to ensure the normal progress of the construction.

2. The height of ringlock scaffolding is arranged vertically. The height of ringlock scaffolding is 1.8m, and 42 steps are set up along the entire height. To ensure safety, the uninstallation is divided into three parts. The 15th and 28th floors are selected as the unloading layers, and suspension points are set on the side beam fans on the 8th and 16th floors respectively. The control method of the mobile scaffold should be determined according to the specific conditions of the building construction to ensure the normal and orderly progress of the building construction.

3. Arrange the unloading rod on the suspension unloading layer, and each intersection between the vertical rod and the horizontal rod is the "suspension point". In order to balance the horizontal thrust of the suspended layer, horizontal rods are added to the unloading layer, the top of the unloading layer is tightly attached to the wall structure, and angle steel is embedded in the corresponding position of the upper floor. After the concrete strength reaches 20MPa, install the unloading rod. The upper part of the pull rod is adjusted with Ф16 round steel, the middle is adjusted with a Ф20 screw buckle, and the lower part is fixed under the bowl-shaped buckle of the vertical rod of the discharge layer with a 1/2 steel wire rope.


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