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Why do modern companies choose aluminum stage truss?

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If modern enterprises want to participate in exhibitions or conduct promotional activities, the first thing they use is of course aluminum stage truss. Now some brand customers have used aluminum stage truss as a regular promotional item in the system, whether it is a new product launch or a holiday promotion, it has achieved good results.


Aluminum stage truss is very helpful to enhance the brand image in the store, create a festive atmosphere, and increase sales. Aluminum stage truss has the advantages of convenient transportation, environmental protection, and rapid assembly. Aluminum stage truss can play a role in conveying information, displaying products, and promoting sales.


Advantages of aluminum stage truss:

1. Aluminum stage truss can adapt to the requirements of corners in any direction;

2. The aluminum stage truss bearing does not need to be pressured by rubber, there is no influence of rubber aging on the bearing, and it has a long service life;

3. The support transmits the force through the spherical surface, and there is no shrinkage of the force, and the reaction force acting on the upper and lower structures is relatively uniform;

4. The shock-absorbing support has good shock-absorbing performance;

5. Aluminum stage truss has the performance of resisting horizontal force to ensure that the structure is not disconnected during horizontal earthquake;

6. Aluminum stage truss has the performance of resisting vertical tension to ensure that the upper and lower structures are not disconnected during vertical earthquakes;

7. Aluminum stage truss can carry vertical load;

8. Aluminum stage truss can adapt to radial and circumferential displacement requirements;

Assemble Stage

The aluminum stage truss specifications are 1.22mX1.22m, 1. 22mX2.44m, and the height is 40 cm, 60 cm, 80 cm, 100 cm, 120 cm and so on. The aluminum stage truss material is welded by our advanced welders, using new welding technology, assembly line operation, and carefully crafted.


When the aluminum alloy is welded, it changes from a liquid state to a solid weld metal, so the reduction in volume is hindered, and the remaining stress in the weld will cause deformation. The cooling of a welding seam affects each other successively, which also causes deformation of the truss. In addition, the rigidity of the stage truss material, the planned orientation of the weld, as well as the size, number, and material characteristics are all factors that cause the truss to deform. Once the truss is deformed, it can easily lead to tragedies. The slat truss is an unevenly heated whole during the welding process, and it will deform and elongate along the length of the weld.


Compared with the traditional stage, the features of the new aluminum stage truss completely solve the cumbersome problem of disassembly and assembly of the traditional stage frame. Not only that, it also has many advantages that the old-style aluminum stage truss can't match.

The characteristic of the new aluminum stage truss:

1. Can be assembled in any combination;

2. Integration of stage background;

3. Regardless of the size of the wind, the stage will not be separated or collapsed, and it can withstand the eighth wind;

4. Standardization of components; cheap and practical, cost-effective;

5. It is not restricted by the geographical environment, the height can be adjusted, and the size can be assembled according to the needs;


In the aluminum stage truss structure, the force of each member is mainly one-way tension and compression. Through the reasonable arrangement of the upper and lower chords and web members, it can adapt to the bending moment and shear force distribution inside the structure. It converts the complex internal stress state of the solid web beam under the action of transverse bending into a simple tension and compression stress state in the truss member, so that we can intuitively understand the force distribution and transmission, and facilitate the change and combination of the structure. Because the internal forces of tension and compression in the horizontal direction have achieved their own balance, the entire structure differs from the wrong support to produce horizontal thrust.


The design of aluminum stage truss has quite high requirements. It must have a good connecting rod, superb welding technology, reasonable size and suitable raw materials. The truss members mainly bear axial tension or pressure, so that the strength of the material can be fully utilized. When the span is large, it can save material compared with the solid web beam, reduce its own weight and increase the rigidity, so it is suitable for large-span load-bearing structures and high-rise structures. When in use, we must ensure that the aluminum stage truss has sufficient long-lasting stability, so as to avoid the collapse of the stage or other buildings due to the mechanical phenomenon changed by the sudden change of the balance form.


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