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Why use Aluminium crowd control barrier solution

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  Aluminium crowd control barrier controls the flow of people at the event site, isolates the crowd, and maintains order. The material of our company's explosion-proof fence is aluminum alloy. In addition, there is a high degree of support, which greatly improves the stability and safety. Explosion-proof fence material: stainless steel. This product uses the latest welding technology to make the welding point perfect. The telescopic belt adopts the plain weave method, which can better display the company's image and be more beautiful.

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  Aluminum stage barrier is a kind of protective safety equipment. Aluminum stage barrier can be divided into two types: stainless steel and baking varnish. It can be used at the event site, it can better isolate the crowd and make people more orderly. The safety of on-site personnel can be better guaranteed.

  Our crowd control guardrails are manually welded to increase strength, with easy-to-install interlocking systems and movable feet that can be easily stacked and stored.

  Shizhan Group specializes in providing crowd control obstacles, truss stage system products and our ever-increasing product range. Our customer base includes but not limited to Premier League football clubs, amusement parks, construction companies, festival organizers, parliaments, schools, warehouses and night clubs. And places with dense traffic, such as stations, subway stations, concerts, etc.

  We are very confident that we will provide the best products at the best prices, but if you find a cheap item like a quote elsewhere, we will undoubtedly beat it. If your scope of responsibility is this, please contact us immediately to find out what we can do for you.

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