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Advantages and characteristics of aluminum stage barrier

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Aluminum stage barrier can be used to prevent a large number of people or spectators from entering the range that is not allowed to enter, or to resist the surging of potentially dangerous crowds, prevent the danger caused by the flow of people, and achieve the effect of safety protection. During performances, the audience always likes to crowd the stage, especially the safety of the actors is very dangerous, and it is very difficult to rely on personnel to maintain order. Aluminum stage barrier can effectively isolate the audience from the stage and the outside world from the performance site to reduce accidents.


Aluminum stage barrier is used for the safety protection of foundation pits, and can also be called side rails and construction safety nets. It is divided into vertical tube aluminum alloy explosion-proof column and mesh aluminum alloy explosion-proof column. The vertical tube aluminum alloy explosion-proof rods are all welded with square tubes, and the surface is sprayed with yellow and black two-phase or red and white two-phase paint, and warning words can also be sprayed. The square tube material is generally 2*3 cm or 3*3 cm. The size and thickness of the 5mm square tube can be customized according to customer requirements.

 Aluminum stage barrier

Aluminum stage barrier is made of excellent hot-dip galvanized steel sheet to prevent the steel substrate from rusting from the inside to the outside. Through degreasing, cleaning, surface adjustment, phosphating, spray washing, drying, powder spraying, curing and other processes, the imported plastic powder is added to the anti-ultraviolet line agent and anti-aging agent. This makes the aluminum stage barrier have different weather resistance, corrosion resistance, moisture resistance and long-term surface self-cleaning ability.Aluminum stage barrier is strictly prohibited for parabolic spraying, and there is no overturning warning sign. The lower kick plate is sprayed with black, yellow or white and red paint, which can effectively warn the surrounding personnel.


Advantages ofaluminum stage barrier:

1. Using high-hardness aluminum alloy material, there are exquisite anti-skid patterns on the pedal.

2. The outer side is supported by high-thickness square aluminum square tubes A and B to achieve a stable explosion-proof effect.

3. Beautiful and stylish, easy to disassemble and sturdy and durable.

4. It can be folded, saving space and transportation costs.

5. The products are welded on the professional welding machine, which can ensure that the products made can be well connected.


Features ofaluminum stage barrier:

1. The aluminum stage barrier adopts a mesh structure. Unlike ordinary aluminum alloy explosion-proof barriers, the spacing betweenaluminum stage barriers is very large.

2. Good immersion molding must be used to ensure that the aluminum stage barrier is not easy to rust for five days.

3. This kind of aluminum stage barrier must be easy to disassemble and assemble, with good reusability, and the fence can be rearranged according to the situation of the stage.

4. All raw materials used are environmentally friendly products, which can be recycled, and environmental issues still need to be considered.

5. The unique classical socket structure ofaluminum stage barrier is very convenient and quick to assemble and install.

6. Aluminum stage barrier is environmentally friendly, has no pollution to the environment, and solves the problem of common products polluting buildings.

7. The accessories ofaluminum stage barrier are made of high-quality brand products, which fundamentally guarantee product quality.

8.Aluminum stage barrier has good weather resistance, salt resistance, sensibility and heat resistance, and is suitable for use in different regions.

9. Process high-end aluminum stage barrier with high temperature powder electrostatic spraying, guardrail products have good self-cleaning performance. Rain water and water spray cleaning can be as smooth as new, the matrix material will not rust from the inside to the outside, and the surface treatment will form a permanent coating. No matter what kind of environment, the aluminum alloy guardrail will not rust, fade and fall off, and the color is bright and lasting. At the same time, a wealth of color options can meet customer requirements.


The material of aluminum alloy has good formability and weldability, and the demonstrated strength is also quite high. The corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance of aluminum alloy are also excellent, and the stability of the material is also quite good. Aluminum alloy has a relatively long life, and it is not easy to be corroded when it is placed outdoors for a long time. Aluminum alloy installation is relatively simple and quick, and it also has multiple buckle links, which makes the link between the explosion-proof fences stronger.

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