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selection of aluminium truss clamp for stage light truss

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The most common lighting truss stage for outdoor performance activities, Shizhan Enterprise can produce high quality truss fasteners of any design for outdoor performance activities, where truss is the usual horizontal frame, stage frame, lighting frame, etc. Our truss clamps are available in 50mm, 35mm, 20mm, etc., with a maximum load capacity of 500kg. They are used for hanging lights and speakers on the stage. They are connected by rods and are easy to disassemble and assemble.

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1. What are the features of Aluminium truss clamp for stage light truss?

Aluminium truss clamp for stage light truss can be said to be a new type of material with light weight and strong rigidity, and the truss can not be used without the cooperation of truss accessories, which enable the lighting frame to play the role of stage truss. The first point is to connect the truss, the truss connection mainly relies on the accessories; the second point is to enhance the stability, support the truss, make it safer; the third point is to reduce the material cost, truss accessories can make the use of truss more flexible, do not need to customize the appearance of the stage needs, according to the venue and stage size can be any combination.

2. What exactly are Aluminium truss clamp for stage light truss?

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When we see a stage, we will notice that besides the stage, there will be many rods, it is the truss. At the joints of the rods, there are some small accessories, some square ones, which can be adjusted in height and hang things when installed.

The name and role of truss parts counter head: install column square sleeve: connect crossbeam base: fix truss cross brace: hang hoist sling: pull crossbeam hoist: pull crossbeam diagonal brace: stabilize truss overview of the role of stage truss parts.


Q: Is aluminium truss clamp for stage light truss a universal buckle? Can it be rotated?

A: It is a universal movable buckle, the middle of the double buckle is connected by a screw, the nut is not completely tightened on purpose to leave a gap, which is convenient for the fastener to rotate, it can rotate 360 degrees at will to the desired angle.

Q: Aluminium truss clamp for stage light truss surface treatment? What colors are available?

A: The surface is treated by grinding and polishing; the color is the original color of aluminum, there are black in stock to choose. In addition, if the order quantity is huge, other colors can be customized for you.

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