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Application scope of aluminum mobile scaffolding

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Aluminum mobile scaffolding is easy to install and durable. It can save space without taking up too much space. Aluminum mobile scaffolding is suitable for a variety of industrial uses such as picking, workshops, and narrow passages. Aluminum mobile scaffolding can provide a convenient working platform with a height of several meters, and can also work stably in high-rise buildings with more than 40 floors. Actually qualified products must be tested systematically and verified by a third party before they can be put into practical use.


Aluminum mobile scaffolding is a temporary structure that includes guardrails, toe boards or other protective devices and other fixtures, but does not include lifting equipment. Mainly insulated by wheels and rubber plugs, used as a stability enhancer, and can prevent shocks when working on any electrical device. Aluminum mobile scaffolding can be used in roof, ceiling or wall construction, and can also be used in drywall, paint, electrical and construction projects.

 Aluminum Scaffolding Tower

Advantages of aluminum mobile scaffolding:

1. No welding design

The design of the non-welded connection gusset never falling device ensures that the connector will never tilt or loosen. The unique design joint of aluminum mobile scaffolding can effectively prevent the connector from falling, completely avoiding the traditional welding method, and becoming a new generation of low-carbon and environmentally friendly products. The load on the cross bar and diagonal bar will be immediately transferred to the gusset instead of directly acting on the vertical bar. The sturdy gusset greatly enhances the supporting force of aluminum mobile scaffolding and avoids any damage to the vertical rods at the joints caused by external impacts.

2. All-round design

Aluminum mobile scaffolding is a unique connection system with all-round and multi-directional design. The all-round and multi-directional design can provide complete and all-round functions. It is used in more complex geometric construction projects to highlight its rapid construction function, improve work efficiency and reduce engineering costs.

3. Lightweight parts

Lightweight aluminum alloy parts help to quickly build aluminum mobile scaffolding and save labor costs. All parts of single tube aluminum mobile scaffolding are made of lightweight aluminum alloy, and the weight is only one-third of traditional steel structure scaffolding. It completely gets rid of the troubles of overweight scaffolding, and can be easily built, moved, transported, stored and stored, thereby improving work efficiency, saving time and reducing costs.

4. Quick installation and removal

Aluminum mobile scaffolding is very commonly used in subway and railway projects. It operates on irregular walls and forms different frame sizes and shapes. Aluminum mobile scaffolding is much lighter than steel scaffolding, which reduces the difficulty of disassembly and improves operation efficiency.


Features of aluminum mobile scaffolding:

1. Aluminum mobile scaffolding adopts lightweight and strong aviation aluminum alloy as material. The parts are very light and easy to install, transport and store.

2. Shape and reinforce the rotatable and telescopic attached support structure, which is applied to high-rise buildings with externally raised balconies, cantilever beams, variable cross-sections and irregular geometric cross-sections.

3. The bottom support truss is manufactured according to the building module, connected by bolts, easy to disassemble, basically shaped, assembled, standardized, and has strong versatility.

4. Reliable two-way restraint during lifting and use, stable and preventing the frame from overturning inside and outside.

5. Aluminum mobile scaffolding is a multi-functional climbing frame construction, which can be operated by only 3-5 people. It can reduce labor costs, shorten construction period, significantly improve work efficiency, and reduce costs.

6. Aluminum mobile scaffolding saves material costs, and the multifunctional climbing frame is 4 to 4.5 times the height of the floor. According to the construction progress, it is raised and lowered layer by layer, and the amount of steel from the ground to the top layer is more than 40% less than that of the double-layer outer scaffold.

7. The multifunctional climbing frame can meet the requirements of structural construction top steel bar binding, supporting form, concrete pouring and lower demolishing form turnover when in the rising state. The landing can meet the requirements of primer, plastering, paint spraying, veneer, and glass curtain wall installation in decoration projects.

8. Aluminum mobile scaffolding is a force transmission system composed of a vertical main frame and a bottom supporting truss. The component axes of each node intersect at one point, and the force and overall stability are good.

9. The vertical main frame is a steel frame, and the track is the internal limb of the vertical main frame, and the setting is not restricted by the height change of the building.


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