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Which aspects should be paid attention to when designing aluminum stage truss?

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Aluminium stage truss structure is a kind of architectural aluminum structure, so a feature of designing aluminium stage truss is to use as little aluminum as possible and use thin-walled structure, which requires aluminum alloy to have excellent corrosion resistance and process performance. Generally speaking, the wall thickness of the load-bearing structure is 1.5-3mm, and there is no strict restriction on the enclosure structure. When designing aluminium stage truss, attention should be paid to the characteristics of elastic modulus of aluminum alloy semi-finished products, to prevent deformation, and ensure the overall and local stability of the structural parts.


Requirements for designing aluminium stage truss:

1. Pay attention to control the weight of aluminium stage truss, not the heavier the better. After testing, some raw materials with unreasonable structure, although the weight and materials are sufficient, but the load-bearing capacity has not increased, which is wasteful or even cumbersome. Especially in some unnecessary structures, thickening materials will waste cost, and at the same time will weaken the bearing capacity of the truss itself.

2. On aluminium stage truss, it is necessary to avoid the design appearance of destroying the cross section of the profile itself to ensure the integrity of the welding circuit. Reasonable design of the force-bearing structure of the stage truss is a place that engineers must consider.

3. Both ends of the main tube of aluminium stage truss should have sealing sheets. It needs to be inserted into the main pipe so as not to damage the welding between the port and the main pipe. This will enhance the strength of the truss itself, and at the same time, the main pipe of the beam can be used and transported to avoid the situation of deformation and depression due to collision, which may cause safety hazards and unsightly situations.

 Folding Truss

Standards for judging the quality of aluminium stage truss workmanship:

1. It can be judged from the selection of production materials. At present, aluminium stage truss are basically made of 6061-T6 material, so be sure to check the material certification of the product. In fact, it can be distinguished by eyes alone, because the aluminum alloy on the surface of this material has a metallic light color and is excellent in strength. Unlike some trusses made of other materials, although the appearance and color can be imitated, the performance itself cannot be changed.

2. The workmanship of the truss can be seen from the quality of the weld bead. The aluminium stage truss is welded, and the weld bead processed with high-quality welding rod and advanced technology will definitely not have defects, such as virtual welding, pores, etc. If the intersection of the center lines of the two inclined pipes of the truss intersects the center line of the main pipe, a more favorable bearing capacity can be obtained.

3. Whether the assembly is smooth is the evaluation criterion for the quality of the truss workmanship, and it is also the basis for the use of the truss. The aluminium stage truss must not only be assembled smoothly, but also must be stable.


Precautions for the construction of aluminium stage truss:

1. Choose a high-quality stage truss produced by a reliable truss manufacturer. The most popular truss is now aluminium stage truss. Because aluminium stage truss is light and has good comprehensive properties, such as high hardness and strong weldability; at the same time, the appearance of aluminum alloy stage truss is smooth and beautiful, which is a better stage truss.

2. The aluminium stage truss project cannot exceed the designed load-bearing and span. The load-bearing and span of a truss project must be within a reasonable range and cannot be built blindly.

3. When building, check whether the link of each section of the aluminium stage truss is OK, whether there is any omission, and the location of the building should be accurate.

4. When building aluminium stage truss, choose the safest stage shape, the safest shape is trapezoid. The two parallel sides of the trapezoid are used as the contact plane parallel to the ground, so that the structure is not only very strong but also allows audiences from different angles to have a good line of sight to enjoy the stage performance.

5. Pay attention to natural factors at all times and try to avoid typhoons, rainstorms or other natural factors that may affect the safety of the stage.


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