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Crowd control barrier help you open the "green channel"

Date: 03.04.2020 Viewed: times
Every year, a number of mighty troops appear on various routes of sea, land and air, that is, the major festivals, National Day, Spring Festival, or go home or travel.

Although our country has convenient transportation and is not as crowded as trains in India, our country's huge population travels at the same time, and traffic on all routes is still stressful. Therefore, during our Spring Festival, it is inevitable whether we go back home or travel. Major railway stations have also set up "gates" --- Crowd control barrier

Crowd control barrier

In a crowded place such as a railway station, a bus station, or an airport during the Spring Festival, if there is an accident, it will cause a certain degree of panic and even a trample. It is very important to set up the crowd channel shunt to ensure the personal safety of passengers.
The Shizhan Group's crowd control barrier can set up a "green passage" in minutes. If the train station is crowded with people, if some temporary passages can be added-the riot bar. This can effectively maintain order, isolate people's access, and protect people's access.

The crowd control barrier of Shizhan Group is actually very convenient to use as a temporary passageway. It is easy to load and unload, and can be folded for transportation and storage. The installation time for two people with a length of 10 meters is within 5 minutes. The rounded corners of the vertical piece and the base frame touch the scratch-resistant hands, which solves the concerns of passengers scratching and bruising in the crowd. Material of crowd control barriers are different. Shizhan Group mainly produces aluminum barrier, and also provides Barrier customization. The product delivery is completed within 15 working days. If you have any intention, please contact us.

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Crowd control barriers are an important tool for traffic safety


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