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What are the requirements to build a successful aluminum truss stage?

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What are the most common aluminum truss stages in normal?

What are the specific requirements for successful aluminum truss stage construction?

what advantages a good event aluminum truss stage needs to have?

Build aluminum truss stage needs a professional team



What are the most common aluminum truss stages in normal?

1. Framed aluminum truss stage

A framed aluminum truss stage is one where the audience is on one side of the stage and the rest of the stage is covered by objects for the actors and technicians to prepare.


2. Stretched aluminum truss stage

The difference between the extended aluminum truss stage and the framed stage is that a part of the stage protrudes forward and reaches out to the audience, and three sides of this part are exposed to the audience. It is mainly used in entertainment places such as cabaret, fashion show hall, club multi-function hall, auditorium and theater.


3. Round aluminum truss stage

Circular aluminum truss stage is the audience is located around the stage. Usually the circular stage is located in the center of the theater. The audience can enjoy the performance from a close distance.


4.Rotating aluminum truss stage

Mainly through the hydraulic equipment to create the effect of rotation, will appear to lift, rotate and other effects.

Used in modern disco hall, cabaret, fashion show hall. Rotating type stage adopts automatic compression friction wheel transmission mechanism or gear transmission mechanism or pin-tooth transmission mechanism, with reversibility, stepless speed regulation and accurate positioning function.


5. Fluctuating aluminum truss stage

Fluctuating aluminum truss stage is a special kind of activity stage, the stage can be automatically around the center of the stage to do circular wave type undulating movement, fluctuation frequency can be controlled by the program. It gives people a feeling of passion and joy.


What are the specific requirements for successful aluminum truss stage construction?

1. Stability

Aluminum truss stage has certain self-weight, which ensures the stability and firmness of the product in the process of movement, and plays a role of automatic reinforcement.



Aluminum truss stage is a soft polyvinyl chloride flooring, which is professionally made according to the characteristics of dance, with a certain buffering effect, not astringent, not slippery, good flexibility characteristics.


3. Comfort

Aluminum truss stage surface by special treatment, and light brightness coincides with the light, will not absorb light and reflective stinging, can better protect the dancers in the process of movement of the eyes are not easy to produce fatigue. Thickness is divided into 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, different thickness has different cushion rebound value, making it more shock absorption and rebound. Effectively reduce the impact of the dancer's legs, making the feet feel more comfortable, better to avoid sports injuries and improve the level of play of dancers.


4. Durability and wear resistance

Aluminum truss stage flooring rubber is made of 100% pure soft polyvinyl chloride quality material, the surface layer is treated by special high environmental protection high-tech material TPU technology, and has good durability and wear resistance, thus increasing the service life of the floor.


5.Various installation methods

Aluminum truss stage installation method has two kinds: (1) movable type; (2) full fixed type. We install according to the customer's stage use requirements.


6. Easy maintenance

Aluminum truss stage has the ability to exclude external pollution, such as surface pollution, with a clean mop, water can be brushed.


7. Good sound absorption performance

Aluminum truss stage has the standard thickness of the bottom layer of professional dance flooring, coupled with the suitable inverse elasticity and reasonable shock absorption, has the function of sound absorption and good sound insulation in the movement. Aluminum truss stage special flooring rubber color bright, smooth and delicate surface, good flexibility. Moderate elasticity, moderate wetting and astringency, conducive to cushioning the impact of the movement, and easy to clean and maintain, do not change the sex, not cracked. Dance floor rubber excellent performance, moisture-proof, anti-slip, wear-resistant, pressure-resistant, stain-resistant green, methanol-free, non-toxic, can well protect dancers from accidental injury caused by falling during exercise.


What advantages a good event aluminum truss stage needs to have?

1. Construction advantages

With the advantages of aluminum truss stage, aluminum truss stage is more flexible and faster to build than other stages, whether indoor or outdoor. For example, the building process of the Rhea stage, only need to put together the complete stage frame, and then attach the stage panels to build completed.


2. Customization advantage

Customization, that is, according to demand for specialized production. Such as aluminum truss stage customization, the conventional specification of the Rhea stage is 1.22 m * 1.22 m, custom production can customize other specifications, and support special size customization, very convenient.


3. Material advantage

Aluminum truss stage is good to see the material, good material stage is durable. Such as Rhea stage using high-quality rust-proof galvanized pipe, its thickness is the national standard thickness, specific data are as follows: Aluminum truss stage frame 30 * 50 square tube, column 48 thickened round tube wall thickness of 1.5, waterproof letter plate 1.8cm thick, tray (four claw disc) thickened, eight-hole disc using 8mm thick stamping parts.


4. Process advantage

Material is good, but also depends on the process, the process is good aluminum truss stage to use it smoothly. Such as Rhea stage selected full welding process, the specific data are as follows: 45 degrees of pipe cutting angle butt, the stage at the sharp corners of the grinding round processing, zero welding holes, common side or leg seamless combination, adjust the leg using increased thickening wire rod.


Build aluminum truss stage needs a professional team

Usually, aluminum truss stage construction gives people an illusion that it seems to be very simple. From the stage manufacturer's point of view, the aluminum truss stage alone is not complicated to build.


For example, Aluminum truss stage, just pull down the stage legs and put them together.


But to look at things from multiple perspectives, Aluminum truss stage construction does not only mean construction, there are more meanings, such as venue decoration. As far as the venue is concerned, "Aluminum truss stage building" is like a proxy, although this proxy is not accurate.


From the daily sales experience of stage manufacturers, there are individuals purchasing event stages, there are groups purchasing Aluminum truss stage, but more professional companies purchasing Aluminum truss stage, such as wedding companies, advertising companies, because they carry out related business all year round.


From the realistic point of view, the purchase of Aluminum truss stage is not likely to be a personal behavior, because Aluminum truss stage use has relatively strict requirements, such as wedding folding stage, who is willing to buy a few square meters of activity stage specifically for the wedding?


From a practical point of view, Aluminum truss stage is a reusable modern light industrial manufactured products, with strong, durable and other characteristics. Like the wedding company, advertising company before the bulk purchase to use, so as to improve the overall utilization rate.


So it is true that Aluminum truss stage construction is a certain technical act. Professional team, not only responsible for Aluminum truss stage, but also responsible for the construction, but also responsible for the venue set-up. Only, you only one-time use, such as marriage, you can choose the wedding company, if the company's annual meeting, or their own procurement cost-effective.

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