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What characteristics should high-quality and safe aluminum scaffolding contain?

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At present, in the construction of domestic buildings, construction units with relatively standard specifications have basically eliminated the problem of illegal construction of portal scaffolding over 2 floors. Construction units mostly use steel pipes and fasteners to build movable working platforms, but their cumbersomeness, poor safety, and low efficiency need to be resolved urgently. Therefore, more and more construction units have begun to use aluminum scaffolding for construction, and the benefits are obvious.


Professionals who specialize in aluminum scaffolding pointed out that: aluminum scaffolding currently has no domestic standards for implementation. There are many incapable and unqualified manufacturers in the industry at present. These inferior aluminum scaffolding not only do not meet industry standards, but also lag far behind the safe aluminum scaffolding that meets the EU EN1004 standard in terms of material selection and technology.


High-quality and safe aluminum scaffolding features:

1. The production process guarantees stability and durability

Industry insiders pointed out: Nowadays, most of the aluminum scaffolding we can see is made by welding. However, when the aluminum alloy material adopts the welding technology of hot working, internal stress will be generated, which will easily damage the internal molecular structure of the aluminum material and reduce the original strength and durability of the material. This requires strict quality control of the welding process in the production, otherwise it is easy to form false welding, which has a large internal stress, resulting in rapid damage to the product due to shaking after the product is built to a certain height. Therefore, common aluminum alloy products such as aluminum alloy doors and windows, ladders, etc. all use non-welded riveting methods.

 Mobile Aluminum Scaffolding Tower

Aluminum scaffolding adopts the cold expansion and cold pressing process, which can completely eliminate the welding seam, will not change the molecular structure of the aluminum alloy material, and ensure that the strength will not be reduced. The aluminum scaffolding non-welding series adopts the advantages of cold expansion and cold pressing. The frame and tie rods produced by it have a safety threaded surface, which is non-slip and very durable. In addition, aluminum scaffolding non-welded series parts are all manufactured by cold expansion and cold pressing non-welding process. It can be combined with other components to design and build a system aluminum scaffolding work platform with a variety of complex and special-shaped structures, which can greatly improve work efficiency.

2. High-quality component design and craftsmanship

Professionals said: Aluminum scaffolding non-welding series all adopt cold expansion and cold pressing non-welding process, and the strength is 3 times that of ordinary welding process. At the same time, the aluminum scaffolding non-welding series can be guaranteed for up to 10 years, and it can be used for 30 years without damage in normal use.


3. Safe construction and use

Aluminum scaffolding is different from the common fixed iron scaffolding platform, and improper use is also an important reason. How to use aluminum scaffolding safely? Need to pay attention to the following:

(1) Safety inspection: Before building and using aluminum scaffolding, all components and pipes need to be inspected to ensure that all parts are intact. The pipe fittings have no obvious dents caused by cracks, squeezing and bumps.

(2) When building, make sure that the ground for building and moving aluminum scaffolding can provide enough stable and strong support.

(3) When working in an environment with external support, please consult the supplier or manufacturer and perform the work under their guidance.

(4) When moving aluminum scaffolding, you need to pay attention to electrical appliances running nearby, such as electrical wires in the sky.

(5) When moving aluminum scaffolding, everyone must leave the scaffolding and clean up all the debris on and off the shelf.


In fact, for the scaffolding industry, to avoid safety accidents, the joint efforts of all parties are required. For example, aluminum scaffolding manufacturers need to produce safe and high-quality products. As far as the purchaser is concerned, while taking into account the cost performance, the purchase of safe and high-quality aluminum scaffolding should be considered. As for the operators who really use aluminum scaffolding, standard use is a direct guarantee for their own safety.


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