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Talking about the development trend of aluminum scaffolding

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At present, steel scaffolding is basically used in high-altitude construction in China, which is a substitute for traditional bamboo scaffolding before China's liberation. The development of scaffolding has gone through more than 80 years of history. The current development trend in the world is aluminum scaffolding to replace traditional steel pipe scaffolding.


Scaffolding made of steel pipe materials in China now includes fastener steel pipe scaffolding, bowl-buckle steel pipe scaffolding, socket steel pipe scaffolding, portal scaffolding, as well as all kinds of inner scaffolding, hanging scaffolding and other steel pipe scaffolding.

Divided by the material of the rod:

(1) Scaffolding of single-size steel pipe. It only uses steel pipes of one specification, such as fastener-type steel pipe scaffolding, and only uses electric welded steel pipes ofФ48×3.5.

(2) Scaffolding combined with steel pipes of various specifications. It is composed of two or more steel pipes of different specifications, such as portal scaffolding.

(3) Scaffolding mainly made of steel pipes. That is, the scaffolding composed mainly of steel pipes and supplemented by other steel rods, such as inner scaffolds with channel steel top brackets or bases, and scaffolds connected with steel plates. Shelf pipes, construction pipes, are usually used to make brackets on construction sites. They are rolled products from hot-rolled strip steel after processing. In modern construction sites, the shelf tube has been widely used, and it can be seen everywhere. In recent years, with the rapid development of urbanization, the demand for shelf pipes has also increased. The shelf pipes used in building construction require a variety of varieties and a wide range of options. Therefore, rack tube manufacturers have accelerated the pace of restructuring to establish the dominant position of rack tube companies in the market.

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1. The design of aluminum scaffolding

The design of aluminum scaffolding avoids many shortcomings of steel scaffolding from the beginning. It is made of lightweight and high-strength aviation-specific aluminum profiles, which are light in material, but very strong. The installation structure uses the quick installation head to install, no installation tools are required during the construction and disassembly process, whether the installation is in place, and whether the quick installation head is installed in place can be quickly checked. The structural design is scientific and firm. The frame design of aluminum scaffolding adopts three-way connection in all straight and vertical directions, and the welding is firm, which is the key to the safety of aluminum scaffolding.


2. Advantages of aluminum scaffolding

Aluminum scaffolding is widely used in construction sites. Because of its high component connection strength and scientific support mechanism design, the overall structure is safe and stable. The whole is made of lightweight and strong aluminum alloy. Aluminum scaffolding is much lighter than traditional scaffolding, so it is very convenient to use. At present, due to the high efficiency of aluminum scaffolding, which is reflected in its movable type, it is very fast and convenient to build and disassemble, and it can be built with bare hands without any tools. Traditional iron scaffolding requires tools such as wrenches and screws. In many cases, it takes several days or even ten days to complete a piece of scaffolding for building construction. Aluminum scaffolding can be completed in 15 minutes when it is tightly built around 12 meters. Improve the efficiency of construction and reduce the labor and time costs of construction.


Some countries in the world are paying more and more attention to the safety of construction, and because the traditional steel pipe scaffolding is too bulky and the installation efficiency of workers is low, the construction cost has risen sharply. These areas have begun to gradually use aluminum scaffolding instead of traditional steel scaffolding. Aluminum scaffolding has its own scientific design, rapid construction and disassembly, light weight, stability, and safety greatly improved than traditional steel scaffolding. Therefore, the scaffolding industry has experienced the replacement of bamboo by steel scaffolding, and the current steel scaffolding has been replaced by aluminum scaffolding, which is the historical trend of future development.

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