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The difference between truss and Layher

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Layher frame and Truss frame are often used in outdoor construction, but some people can't distinguish between the two. Come and see who is the truss and who is Layher?


Layher and truss name:
Layher: Also known as roulette scaffolding, it was invented by the German LAYHER company. It is mainly used for the lighting and background frames of large concerts.
Truss: also known as aluminum alloy truss, aluminum alloy light frame.
Layher and truss size specifications:
Layher: Round tube structure, 2M long and 2M wide, consisting of cross bar, Layher column, screw and jack.
Truss: hexagonal three-dimensional column structure, there are two kinds of round tube and square tube, each frame in the middle is welded and strengthened by a straight rod. There are different sizes such as 200 * 200mm, 300 * 300mm, 400 * 400mm, 400 * 600mm.
Layher and truss principle structure:
Layher: Weld the roulette on the upright and fix it with pins.
Truss: It is a pillar-type spatial structural frame, and the straight rod and the basic frame are combined into a triangular stable structure by welding.
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