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How to distinguish high-quality aluminum scaffolding?

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The truss in the truss structure refers to the truss beam, which is a latticed beam structure. Truss structures are often used in large-span factory buildings, exhibition halls, stadiums, bridges and other public buildings. Since it is mostly used in building roof structures, trusses are usually also called roof trusses.

Truss structure features:

The force of each member is mainly one-way tension and compression, and the reasonable arrangement of the upper and lower chords and web members can adapt to the bending moment and shear force distribution inside the structure. Since the internal forces of horizontal tension and compression achieve self-balance, the entire structure does not generate horizontal thrust on the support. The structure layout is flexible and the application range is very wide.

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Compared with solid web beams, in terms of bending resistance, truss beams are concentrated on the upper and lower ends of the tension and compression sections, which increases the internal force arm and achieves greater bending strength with the same amount of material. In terms of shear resistance, the shear force can be gradually transferred to the support by rationally arranging the web rods.

In this way, whether it is bending or shear resistance, the truss structure can give full play to the strength of the material, which is suitable for building roof structures of various spans. The more important significance is that it converts the complex stress state inside the solid web beam under the action of transverse bending into a simple tension and compression stress state in the truss member. This allows us to intuitively understand the distribution and transmission of forces, and facilitate structural changes and combinations.


In addition to straight rods, many joints of an aluminum scaffolding have some small accessories, some like nuts, some hexagonal joints, and so on.

The role of aluminum scaffolding accessories:

1. Connection function. Without aluminum scaffolding accessories, aluminum scaffolding cannot be built.

2. Strengthen the bracket. Good accessories play a great role in the safety performance of aluminum scaffolding. It improves the sturdiness, safety and stability of aluminum scaffolding.

3. Significantly save materials. For construction, aluminum scaffolding accessories can reduce construction costs.


With the development of the Internet age, more and more manufacturers sell products in the performance industry through online channels. But after all, online channels have many drawbacks, and online trade cannot allow buyers to truly see the scale of the manufacturer, the quality of the products, and the craftsmanship. It is very important for us to choose high-quality, efficient and safe aluminum scaffolding, and we need to fully understand the production process and materials of aluminum scaffolding. Don't be blind, it's best to go to the factory's production workshop for on-site inspection.

Any product that can occupy a place in the market will always have its own unique place. Of course, aluminum scaffolding is no exception. There are many types of aluminum scaffolding. Among them, there are many different products of aluminum alloy, but the advantage that it often has is the key to occupying the market.


How to distinguish high-quality aluminum scaffolding?

1. Generally speaking, high-quality aluminum scaffolding welding is fine, the weld pattern is fish-scale, the size is accurate, and there will be no misalignment of screw holes or misalignment of aluminum scaffolding and accessories. Inferior aluminum scaffolding welding is rough, irregular in shape, and the solder joints are like small hills, which is not beautiful at all.

2. The high-quality aluminum scaffolding has been treated with acid to show that it is bright silver, which is novel and generous, and radiant. Inferior aluminum scaffolding has not been treated with acid, which shows that it is dull and dull, and it is earthy gray, ugly, like an old antique.

3. High-quality aluminum scaffolding is generally packaged in bubble bags to ensure that the product will not be worn during transportation; while inferior aluminum scaffolding is packaged in plastic bags, it is easy to wear during transportation. Both ends of the main pipe of high-quality aluminum scaffolding are welded with plugs, which will enhance the strength of aluminum scaffolding itself. The two ends of the main pipe of inferior aluminum scaffolding are empty, which is neither beautiful nor strong, and it is easy to deform when the end face is hit.

4. Both ends of high-quality aluminum scaffolding are polished by a grinder to ensure that the two ends of aluminum scaffolding are flat. After the inferior aluminum scaffolding is welded, the two ends of the plane are not polished, and the connection is uneven.

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