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Dos and don’ts of outdoor stage equipment rental – SHIZHAN

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The stage is an indispensable item in various activities and parties. The layout of the stage often takes a lot of energy and time. However, because the effect of the stage layout is directly linked to the effect of the event and the party, people have to pay attention to the layout of the stage. Compared with the layout of the stage, the stage construction is the first step.

What problems should be paid attention to in the stage rental and construction?

1. The quality of the equipment required for the stage equipment rental. Regardless of the stage layout, the quality of the stage construction equipment must be guaranteed, because the poor quality of the stage construction equipment will affect the effect of the stage, and more importantly, certain safety problems may occur.

2. Pay attention to the cost control of stage equipment rental and construction. After determining the quality of the outdoor stage rental, what needs to be paid attention to is the cost, and the cost of leasing and construction should be kept as low as possible. Pay attention to the quality of stage construction. A supervisor shall be assigned to supervise the quality of the project.

In fact, most of the stages are composed of steel pipe supports and wooden boards. Our common stages include T-shaped stage and rectangular stage. A truss is used to hang a curtain behind the stage. Generally, the content of the curtain is the purpose and purpose of the event, which is also the key content of the performance of outdoor stage rental. The editor of the blueprint suggests that under normal circumstances, first of all, it is best to have two people build the stage at the same time, so that the actions are unified and coordinated, the effect will be very good, and the work efficiency will be much faster. 

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Secondly, the general steel folding stage construction is to use four steel pipes as the legs, and a piece of wood as the table top, and the wood can be formed by fixing the wood on the steel pipe legs. In addition, out of consideration of the firmness of the stage, the personal safety of the actors and the smooth progress of the performance, the editor emphasized that the gap between each stage board should be minimized when placing the boards. Finally, fix it with a rope and tie it to a stable place on both sides of the outdoor stage rental, and then fix the entire stage and the objects on both sides. In this way, a complete stage is built successfully!

What problems should we pay attention to stage equipment rental?

First of all, pay attention to the power supply. The equipment should use a professional power supply, and it should be distinguished from the lighting power supply. The lighting voltage is usually relatively low, but the sound is different. It needs a standard voltage and a dedicated power supply. A stable and reliable power socket is also required. Although this will increase the cost of use, it can improve the overall stability and simplicity of operation. Of course, if you want to connect all the audio equipment correctly and effectively, the power supply is the most critical existence.

Secondly, it is necessary to effectively ground. Good grounding can effectively improve the stability of the equipment, and at the same time, it can ensure that the equipment is not disturbed by signal transmission. At the same time, it is also necessary to pay attention to the grounding wire. The local conductor must have anti-rust measures, and the contact should be good. Special attention cannot be used with the ground wire configured with the three-phase power line. This will not only reduce the noise in the audio system, but also damage the equipment.

dos and don’ts of stage rental

This is the dos and don’ts of stage rental The above content is mainly to tell you that when using the equipment, if you want to ensure the overall quality of portable stage platform, you must not only master professional maintenance methods, but also have professional use skills.


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