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The knowledge you need to know when selecting a stage truss

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A stage truss is a piece of stage equipment designed to support lights, screens and other accessories. Stage trusses can be permanently installed, such as in a theater with a truss system suspended from the ceiling, or they can be movable. Stage trusses are used in a variety of environments, from parks for concert series to opera houses, Shizhan is able to manufacture custom trusses for specific applications.

Here are four things you need to know when you're ready to pick a stage truss.


1. Properties and applications of stage truss

2. Precautions when erecting stage trusses

3. What aspects need to be considered to choose the stage truss?

4. How to deal with the problems encountered during the use of stage truss?







Properties and applications of stage truss

Stage trusses, also known as lighting stands, are often seen in performances. Those people attending outdoor concerts may have noticed stage trusses above and to the side of the stage, and indoor venues are often designed with stage trusses in place. These devices are often installed with many safety precautions to reduce the risk of accidents caused by falling or improperly secured trusses. The presence of safety precautionary equipment is important because stage trusses may be required to carry a lot of weight.

Traditionally, stage trusses take the form of 12 inch aluminum square box truss, which can be welded or bolted to other trusses to create brackets, or they can be designed to hang on rigging in buildings used for performances. The structural elements of the stage truss can be used as connection points for lighting equipment, pulleys for moving performers or sets, special effects equipment such as bubble machines, and monitors or screens. Stage trusses also typically provide support for the large amount of wiring and wiring used in performances, from wiring associated with individual lights on the stage truss to microphone wires.

Portable truss systems are often available for rent. Portable stage trusses can be used for tasks such as setting up lighting stands at outdoor parties, supporting tents for backyard parties, or providing structural support for booths at trade shows. Companies that specialize in setting up event scenes often keep some portable trusses in stock and take care of on-site installation.

The Shizhan Group can be a good source for new and used trusses for people and organizations that need stage trusses on a regular basis. Used trusses are usually a good choice because they are cheaper than new trusses and they are usually well maintained so they are of good quality.



Precautions when erecting stage trusses

Building a safe and uniquely designed stage can not only provide a platform for various performances, merchandise displays, party scenes, etc., but also add a lot of color to the event with exquisite design and play an icing on the cake.

It can be seen that stage truss construction is not just to build a table, but to design in conjunction with the event itself, taking into account many factors. Jiangsu World Exhibition Group uses a professional perspective to help you analyze how to be safe, reliable and creative in stage truss construction?

1. Rich experience in building

After the entire renderings are finalized, the booth construction is a more important step, and it is necessary for the workers to restore the drawings to reality. This has tested the experience and ability of the workers' masters.

Especially for the stage truss, whether it is a stage or a truss, experienced construction workers are required, who can handle the details of the booth without causing on-site problems such as bumps.

2. Legal business qualifications

All booth builders selected must have legal operating qualifications. If you have no legal qualifications when you choose, such a booth contractor must never choose.

At the same time, a professional construction and installation technical team is also required, as well as professionals who are permanently engaged in the construction of the exhibition.

Ensure that there are sufficient manpower and material resources to complete the stage truss and other construction work within the specified time.

3. Repair and maintenance after installation

After the booth is set up, the booth builder shall undertake repairs and maintenance services for the booth throughout the exhibition period.

If the requirements for improvement or adjustment of the booth are reasonable, the booth constructor needs to provide services.

And during the entire exhibition, what problems may arise in the construction of the stage truss. Therefore, booth repair and maintenance services are required by a booth builder.



What aspects need to be considered to choose the stage truss?

It is clear to everyone that stage trusses use different types of stage trusses in different event sites. It is particularly important to choose a suitable set of trusses whether it is used for stage construction or building construction to fully play its role. Especially with the improvement of truss technology, there are more and more professional truss manufacturers, which provides great convenience for our industry. However, the Jiangsu World Exhibition reminds users that the choice of stage truss can be considered from these aspects.

1.Consider the selection of the stage truss structure: the use of the building, the building model, the roof waterproof structure, the span of the roof truss, the supply of structural materials, construction technology and other factors as well as the characteristics and scope of application of various trusses should be considered. The truss structure should be reasonably stressed, advanced in technology, and economical.

2.Each type of truss can play its own role, but the premise is to know and understand the method of construction, hoping to provide useful information for everyone.

3.The application of truss structures: civil buildings, industrial buildings, public buildings, entertainment facilities, construction equipment, highways and bridges, covering almost all fields of civil engineering. Commonly used truss structures include bent structures, ship offshore platforms, high-rise buildings and truss bridges.

4.Bent frame structure generally refers to a structural system composed of roof trusses and columns. It is often used in single-story industrial plants. Compared with rigid frame structures, it is more suitable for industrial buildings with large span requirements. Common forms of racks include single-span racks, multi-span racks, equal-height racks, unequal-height racks, and zigzag racks.



How to deal with the problems encountered during the use of the stage truss?

The stage truss will have some problems more or less in the long-term use process. If these problems are not dealt with in time, it will affect the safety of the stage truss. I hope it can attract everyone's attention. Let's explain to you the problem handling during the use of the stage truss:

1. Check regularly to see if there are any abnormalities in the appearance of the stage truss, such as the appearance of corrosion, because even if the stage truss is treated with anti-corrosion, if it is exposed to the external environment for a long time, the weather and rain will affect the galvanized layer of the truss. , It will cause the zinc layer of the truss to fall. If this happens, you should remove the rust on the truss in time and apply the anti-rust paint from the beginning.

2.The truss connection usually uses rivets and pins. Sometimes the truss bears more gravity. We should always check and strengthen the truss connection to prevent possible safety hazards due to loosening;

3.Necessary maintenance and cleaning should be performed on the truss, such as frequent exterior cleaning. The accumulation of acidic liquids and other factors on the surface of the truss for a long time will corrode the truss, reduce the brightness of the truss's appearance, and affect its appearance.

4.The truss should be used correctly; for example, the maximum load-bearing capacity of the truss should not be exceeded, heavy objects are forbidden to hang on the inclined pipe, and truss of different specifications should not be mixed.

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