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What to pay attention to when transporting light trusses

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Commonly used lighting trusses are generally made of welded aluminum alloy. Because there are many places for stage lighting, it is inevitable to use stage lighting trusses, which will encounter the problem of stage lighting truss transportation. It is easy to transport and easy to install, but its fixed volume is large, and aluminum is not abrasion-resistant and easily scratched, so certain protective measures are required during transportation.
light truss
Aluminum alloy light truss can generally be coated with a thin film inside to isolate dust and some aerosol corrosion. A bubble film is used on the outside to prevent slight collision and friction. It will not be damaged during transportation.

Other related accessories and accessories of the stage lighting truss are best packaged separately and marked on the outside. This will not only minimize the collision friction, but also facilitate the search.

The essence of aluminum alloy lighting trusses is aluminum trusses. World Exhibition Group is a supplier of truss stage systems. We have exported various types of truss systems at home and abroad to provide safety protection for exhibitions, events and concerts. If you place an order for our lighting truss, we guarantee that our transportation will not have to worry at all, it must be delivered to your hands intact.

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