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Material and maintenance issues of aluminium stage truss

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Aluminium stage truss has continued to endure in the field of truss construction. Compared with the circular tube truss and the square tube truss, it appears later, but it is used more than the circular tube truss and the square tube truss. The overall performance of the aluminium stage truss structure is very superior, the change stiffness is large and the surface is beautiful.


Material characteristics of aluminium stage truss:

1. Tempered glass

Tempered glass is the glass obtained by heating ordinary glass to its softening point and performing quenching treatment. Its surface has strong and uniform compressive stress and its mechanical strength is doubled. Compared with ordinary glass of the same thickness, toughened glass has three to five times higher resistance to bending and impact, and three times higher resistance to drastic temperature differences. The toughened glass has good safety and becomes granular after being broken, thus avoiding possible harm to the human body. It is widely used in high-rise building curtain walls, indoor glass partitions, elevator handrails and other occasions requiring safety.

Features of tempered glass aluminium stage truss:

1) The glass is broken into small obtuse-angled particles similar to honeycomb, which will not cause major harm to the human body.

2) Bending strength: The bending strength of tempered glass is generally 3-5 times that of ordinary glass.

2. Laminated glass

There is a special glue between the double-layer glass. The safety factor of the tempered glass is higher than that of ordinary tempered glass. After it is broken, there will be no ballast falling but the whole piece is glued together, which is very safe. The price is slightly higher than ordinary tempered glass of the same thickness.

The characteristics of laminated glass aluminium stage truss are:

1) Good weather resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and will not cause yellowing and hydrolysis due to years of sun and rain;

2) Long life, compared with other material products, the life is longer than three years;

3) Good light transmittance, up to 92% or more, the required light intensity is small, which saves electricity;

4) Strong impact resistance, sixteen times that of ordinary glass, suitable for installation in areas where safety is particularly required;

5) Excellent insulation performance, suitable for various electrical equipment;

6) Its own weight is light, half lighter than ordinary glass, and the load on buildings and supports is small;

7) Bright colors and high brightness, which other materials can't compare with beauty;

8) Strong plasticity, large shape changes, easy processing and forming; high recyclability rate, recognized by the growing environmental awareness;

 Aluminium stage truss

Aluminium stage truss is very important for stage construction, whether it is indoors or outdoors, it is one of the essential equipment. The use of aluminium stage truss is not a one-time use, but a reusable one. It is necessary to know how to maintain the aluminium stage truss.

Maintenance method of aluminium stage truss:

1. When cleaning, do not wipe it with a rag like other furniture. After a long time, it will rub the surface of the truss and lose its original gloss, making the aluminium stage truss look very worn. Even if you use a rag, you can't use coarse cloth or old clothes, because this will cause scratches on the aluminium stage truss. Do not use soapy water and detergent to clean aluminium stage truss, because soapy water and detergent are alkaline substances, which will corrode the truss and reduce the service life of aluminium stage truss.

2. The surface of the aluminium stage truss is easily corroded, so the truss must be re-treated with corrosion protection regularly. Spray wax or anticorrosive and anticorrosive paint after removing the rust. In addition, the pins and rivets at the middle joints should be checked regularly to ensure their firmness and avoid hidden dangers caused by loosening during the performance, which may cause serious consequences.

3. If aluminium stage truss is painted and sprayed, you can wipe it with clean water.


There is a big difference between the open-air assembly of some activities and the processing in the factory, which is affected by factors such as weather, temperature, operating platform, welding equipment, and venue. Generally, aluminum trusses are usually used on the stage. Compared with iron trusses and other trusses, it is easier and faster to use, and it can be flexible and changeable. This is why aluminum alloy trusses are popular.

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