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Shizhan passed CE certification

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In recent years, with the rapid development of the economy and society, the growth rate of various large-scale activities has been rapid, and the number of activities, events, and visits to the masses have increased year by year, and the scale and level have greatly increased. The types of activities have ranged from a single cultural and sports event in the past to a variety of political, economic, commercial, and cultural fields.

Speaking of large-scale performing arts activities, of course, there are various music festivals, tour concerts,

New Year's Eve concerts, Gao Yan's Pang Xingxing lineup, a visual and auditory feast. However, in the case of a highly concentrated flow of people, it involves a security issue. How can we ensure the order of the event scene and the safety of the masses?

In order to strengthen the risk control of activities and ensure the absolute safety of activities, the public security organs have invested a large amount of police force in the security work of large-scale activities. In some special time periods, security work has even become the main work of the units, which has seriously affected the main business of public security and the grassroots public security organs. Overburdened. How to maximize cost savings and release the police force while ensuring absolute security in large-scale events.

The security work of large-scale activities is a huge and complex system engineering. It requires overall consideration, overall planning, meticulous organization, and forming an overall plan for security work. The scale of the New Year's concert activities is increasing, and more and more people are participating. Security focuses on the anticipation and disposal of various emergencies. If crowded, collapse of prevention and disposal, to anticipate the situation must be advanced, comprehensive, not exposed.

The large-scale use of riot control bars can effectively isolate people. They are very suitable for popular concerts and festivals, establish a safe area in front of the stage, and they also establish a rescue area for the audience in distress. A safe working area was provided for security and medical personnel. The anti-riot bar is made of aviation aluminum and is easy to install, reducing installation time, transportation and labor requirements. In addition, they can be folded and stored, stored, and transported using carts, which are suitable for use in various venues.

Security is an important part of the success of large-scale events. Creating a secure, stable, harmonious and orderly regional security environment is an important guarantee for successful events.

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