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Why is ringlock scaffolding a standard configuration for high and difficult projects

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Nowadays, in the scaffolding market, ringlock scaffolding is very popular. my country's Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hubei, Chongqing, Jiangsu, Wenzhou, Jiaxing and other regions in Zhejiang Province have issued articles to vigorously promote the use of ring scaffolding, especially in key areas and key projects

The reason is that the ringlock scaffolding has the advantages of simple structure, high bearing capacity, and convenient construction and disassembly, and the ringlock scaffolding can meet the support operations of super-high, overweight, and large-span structures, so it is widely used in highway bridges. , Pipe corridors, subways, large-scale factories, large-scale stage and stadiums and other large-scale public construction projects.

Due to the strong bearing capacity of the ringlock scaffolding, the total steel consumption of the ringlock scaffolding can be greatly reduced for projects of the same scale. In this case, the transportation, storage, loading and unloading and labor costs can be reduced accordingly, so This kind of project is very suitable for the use of ringlock scaffolding.

Because the ringlock scaffolding has its own oblique pull rod, which is equivalent to the role of a scissor brace, it can make the whole frame body into countless triangular geometric invariants, and the safety factor is very high.

For large-span scaffolding projects, on the basis of ensuring the safety factor, the use of ringlock scaffolding can also save a considerable part of material and labor than traditional scaffolding, so this type of project is also very suitable for the use of ringlock scaffolding.

Because the ringlock scaffolding is equipped with diagonal rods, it can be erected with a cantilever structure, which is convenient and quick.

For scaffolds on the market, only steel pipe fasteners can be used to erect overhanging scaffolds, but the installation operation is more complicated, time-consuming, labor-intensive, and material-consuming.

The bowl-ringlock scaffolding, although it can also have diagonal rods, is difficult to find in the domestic market.

The advantages of ringlock scaffolding in cantilevered structural projects are therefore highlighted.

Taking bridge projects and other projects with large concrete beams and thick plates as examples, ring-fastened scaffolding can better exert its advantages of large bearing capacity, so it is widely used in heavy-duty support projects.

Traditional horse tracks for deep foundation pits are mostly erected with steel pipe fasteners, which is more random, time-consuming and laborious to erect, and lacks aesthetics and standardization. In addition, the biggest disadvantage of steel structure construction stairs is that they must be hoisted and installed, and transportation and storage are not as convenient as scaffolding. They can only be used for climbing ladders and have a single purpose.

The ringlock scaffolding can complete all erection works with just a hammer. It is very safe, standardized and beautiful. It is also very convenient for transportation and storage. It can be used as a scaffolding after dismantling, and can be used for a variety of purposes. place. In contrast, ringlock scaffolding is simply not superior.

The above are the most commonly used engineering categories of ringlock scaffolding. We can see that due to the unique structural characteristics of ringlock scaffolding, its application advantages in high, large, and difficult projects are particularly prominent. When infrastructure construction encounters high and difficult projects, use buckle The type of scaffolding is right.


Popularize the purchase knowledge of ringlock scaffolding

ringlock scaffolding has been rapidly popularized in the market, and more and more frame supports are supported by ringlock scaffolding. So, how to choose a ringlock scaffolding? This is a concern of many users. Next, the editor summarizes a few points:

1. The grade of the steel pipe used

At the time of purchase, the steel pipe grade of the ringlock scaffolding should be appraised. Generally speaking, for the steel pipe of the ring type scaffold, if it is a good quality scaffold, it will be assembled on the steel pipe. However, many small workshops use secondary steel pipes for production or processing. Generally speaking, the use of secondary steel pipes will cause the scaffolding to be easily cracked and unbalanced in force. In short, it is easy to cause accidents of scaffold collapse.

2. Whether the paint on the surface of the ringlock scaffolding has been treated.

When choosing a ringlock scaffolding, it is necessary to observe the paint finish of the scaffold well. Generally speaking, electrophoretic paint should be used for the surface treatment of scaffolding. If it is ordinary spray paint, its anti-corrosion time will become very limited, so it will easily fall off during use, which may cause problems such as rusting of the scaffolding.

3. Whether the horizontal rod is cast steel. For cast steel, it is tougher and stronger than cast iron. Only in this way can the ringlock scaffolding not be easily deformed.

4. The perforated faceplate should be processed by the steel stamping process.



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