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Shizhan Group—Stage truss safety problem solver

Date: 07.02.2020 Viewed: times

  In a large-scale stage performance, the stage is indispensable. When setting up the stage, we also need to consider the environment of the stage, the lighting problem, the viewing angle of the audience, and the stability of the stage.

  truss stage

  During stage performances, such as celebrity meets, concerts and other occasions, the height of the stage must be adjusted according to the length of the auditorium. It is necessary to consider the lighting problems during the performance, and to construct the stage lighting truss. The structure of the stage frame must be safe and convenient to connect, so as not to cause the transmission line to pass through the auditorium, causing unnecessary safety hazards. The stage must have a sense of level. Generally, large-scale outdoor performances are large in scale and there are many audiences. On-site safety is extremely important. Crowed Contgrol Barrier needs to be installed with riot bars in order to prevent people from stepping on it. At the same time, in order to facilitate the removal of the venue and avoid congestion during the removal.

Crowed Contgrol Barrier

  Crowed Contgrol Barrier

  SHIZHAN Group always pays attention to the product quality standards and details, including the product's welding process, structural design and load safety factor. With a strong scientific research and technical team and the requirements of high quality standards, it has become one of the few safe stage structure companies in China.

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