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Stage Equipment Lease - All You Want to Know is Here

Date: 23.08.2022 Viewed: times

Cultural evenings, celebrations, promotions, press releases and exhibitions are occasions where stage equipment is necessary. This article is all about stage equipment lease details, which consists of light lease, audio lease and truss aluminum lease.

Stage light lease

Fields involved: cultural evenings, celebrations, promotions, press releases, exhibitions, evening parties, athletic competitions, fashion shows, various conferences, signing contracts, groundbreaking, ribbon-cutting opening, festival celebrations, square culture, fashion shows, advertising .

Products involved: professional speakers, mixers, power amplifiers, all kinds of microphones, projectors, plasma screens, all kinds of large video display systems; stage lighting, computer lighting, smoke, lasers, special effects lighting

stage light lease

Main projects: event planning, exhibition design, professional lighting, booth construction, booth construction, speaker and video equipment lease, background board stage design and production, consulting, corporate celebrations, cultural and publicity printing, full-scale scenery, photography and videography, wedding etiquette, large bands , host of ceremonies, business vehicles, ribbon-cutting, theatrical performances, projector lease, projection screen lease, audio lease, background board production, simultaneous interpretation lease, conference microphone lease, stage production, lighting lease, exhibition design, exhibition construction, and other comprehensive services

Stage audio lease

Involved areas:

1. Large-scale performance professional lighting and sound design and installation project;

2. Gymnasium, auditorium, bar lighting and sound projection equipment engineering;

3. Multifunctional conference room, conference voting system engineering;

4. Multimedia Electricity Classroom Project

5. Public broadcasting system engineering

stage audio equipment

Products involved:

1. Stage audio lease: 32-channel mixer, American SHURE wireless microphone, Sennheiser wireless microphone, a complete set of medium and long-range array audio (can cover 30,000 to 80,000 people at most), several sets of small roadshow audio equipment, peripheral equipment , mixer, power amplifier, indoor audio, outdoor remote audio and line array series, equalizer, effect, frequency divider, compressor, CD player, MD player, DVD player, wired microphone, wireless headset microphone, walkie-talkie , microphone stand and other equipment.

2. Stage lighting lease: a sufficient number of 1200W computer moving head lights and computer scanning lights, AVOLITES 2004 computer lighting consoles, digital silicon boxes, digital lighting consoles, movie back lights, PAR lights, AC lights, digital Color changer, 2500W follow spot light, effect light, laser light, strobe light, moving head light, cloud light, soft light, sky light, floor light, cable, transformer box and other conventional lamps and 1500W high-power smoke Machine, dry ice machine, gas injection hood, fire column, gas injection, cold pyrotechnics, paper fireworks and other special effects equipment.

3. Truss aluminum lease: The company has 400 meters of TRUSS aluminum alloy light frame, which can complete the design and construction of various gantry frames and well-shaped frames. Aluminum Lighting Stand, Scaffolding, Professional Background Stand. (Different types of exhibition stands can be built according to user needs).

4. Stage lease: The company has a stage of 1,000 square meters. Upgrade the stage, fashion show T stage, glass stage, alien stage, regular stage and more.

5. Stage effects: cold fireworks, flames, rainbow cannons, air columns, stage fog machines, snow machines, bubble machines, mobile light stands, stages, backboards, inkjets, photos, carpets.

6. AV equipment: projectors above 5000 lumens, projection cloth, plasma, large screen, LED, liquid crystal display, professional video and audio converters, professional construction, etc. to provide customers with professional performance celebration services.

shizhan group stage truss lease

Main project:

1. Performance category: band (electroacoustic band, large military band, rock band), dance (modern dance, hip-hop, ballet, Latin dance, folk dance or dance according to customer requirements), model (ceremony, catwalk, performance), All kinds of male and female singers and hosts (radio and TV hosts), acrobatics, magic, face changing, funny, new folk music, violin, saxophone, etc.

2. Various large and small performances, celebration and conference services. Including: Gala, Theatrical Gala, Opening Ceremony, Anniversary Celebration, Press Release, Fashion Release, Opening Ceremony, Real Estate Packaging Promotion, Conference Opening Groundbreaking Ceremony, Real Estate Release.

3. Professional photography, camera equipment lease, on-site simultaneous transcription and post-production video production.

4. Provide professional DJ training, lighting and sound training services, professional recording studios, recording production, lighting and sound engineering technical consultation, and technical services.


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